Help me understand the GDKP Culture

So i started to play some WoW Agian on the large server Gehennas. The chat is spammed with GDKP runs and im trying to figure out how this works and the logic behind it. From my understanding you bid gold agianst other people and the gold usually gets split in the raid in some way.

OK. So here is my questions. You want to start raiding and be able to recieve some items. But how are you suppose to get an item when you essentially can be competing with these rich gold sharks that just buys unlimited gold online. With how much amount of gold in your backback do you feel confident to join a gdkp run and think you have a chance to get an item? Are these gold sharks only in some raid not every raid ? How do i differentiate between a gold shark raid and " regular players raid" with (decent amount of gold) to compete with?

I just dont understand the logic. I would be find with gdkp runs if people wasnt able to buy gold online but we dont live in that world and to me it just sounds like pay to win and it really turns me off doing these gdkp runs for the moment untill someone in here can convince me that they are worth doing even if you’re not a rich gold shark.

The logic is that they are run by gold sellers so they profit from people buying gold

OK so thats the gold sellers logic doing these runs. Explain to me the logic with going for a run trying to earn items with the points in mind i have mentioned in the text.

Doing dailies nets me close to 500g a day, so not everyone with a chunk of gold is a gold buyer. I spent my first EoC on orbs and sold those very expensive . When joining GDKP runs you best keep in mind that BiS items will be heavily contested, you might want to go for non BiS items to get the GS you need to join regular SR runs. Or join a guild and don’t bother with any kind of pug at all

Sure not everyone is a gold buyer but there’s alot of them and as asked before when and how do you feel confident joining a raid thinking you can actually get an item when these sharks can definitly be in the raid competing with you? And for the record, there like 5% of all the raids that is done purely by going with SR. And yeah you can join a guild but that wasnt my question.

Never unless you buy gold, only reason to join without buying gold is to earn gold, unless you have masive amounts since long before wrath started

You cant, so the only ones that can do GDKPs are no lifers who do a ton of em on alts and can buy a little from all the RMT gold being circulated. The ones organizing runs and doing cuts and ofc the RMT´ers, everyone who participates in GDKP have gained their gold in large directly from RMT and bots.

Them defending it is the weird thing, but you cant ban GDKPs cause there is nothing wrong with making em essentially.

Ok so the people that should do Gdkp runs and want to get items are only for those who buys gold ? Thats really interesting since pretty much all the pugs out there are basicly gdkp runs, tells you alot doesnt it. But the question remains. Lets say if only those who buys gold does gdkp runs. How are they confident to go even with other sharks when they can possibly be alot richer IRL compare to them. And if thats the risk they are willing to take. Why not just do classic rolling, not only does it work , it also doesnt damage the game and promote gold sell / buying.

People paying 198k for a lvl 60 sword in Classic just REALLY like doing DM:E jump runs and are totally not just :credit_card: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:

Don’t listen to boomers brother.

GDKP is great in every way. You can gear up your characters using gold, or farm gold for consumables w/o need to waste a lot of hours on grinding.

People blame GDKP because of RMT, but RMT is another problem and has nothing to do with GDKP raids. If they want to ban GKDP, they also need to ban everyone who farms gold. f.e. gathereres or auction people.

I myself left Thekal becase of that and playing on a ruski server where people make a lot of GDKP raids. I finally don’t need to bother about “How to make gold to lvlup professions / buy enchantments etc. on my alt”.

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Obviously not, right? People joining GDKP are known for their patience and choose this system not because they can jump in line and gets BiS fast but because they simply love doing dailies and somehow need to spend the gold at any cost…

Obviously a gold-based loot system with no upper limit has nothing to do with bots, the people buying gold are people buying Dual Spec and Mammoths. Thats why bots work day and night, all these good gold sinks we have such as the 5g flasks used once/week and the 10g epic gems we need every 4 months… Thats where the gold goes!

People talking about how their dailies give them 500g/day when one can get 30K gold for the price of a expensive pizza. Surely the patient people of GDKPs love putting in time to do reptetive content such as dailies to buy items costing more than 50 000g. All dailies! No bots!

Or the people just joining runs without buying, getting washed bot gold second hand in numbers that are 10x the dailies in a 10th of the time. Surely they have reason to critically review this loot system…

The GDKP system in itself has nothing to do with bots or gold buying. If we talked about runs with normal numbers that would be one thing. But then again these would be less popular since they wouldn’t gurantee items (due to the time people would have to invest to get ahead) and the raid share wouldnt be worth it.
But to pretend these runs dont feed the whole bot/gold buying system is really naive.


GDKP by itself is a great system, the most rewarding loot system available. The items you don’t want drop? Well, at least you get some gold.

But the problem is that like all good concepts, it’s just so easy to abuse. Which is basically what’s happened over time.


Bcs wow is nowdays p2w game , and in retail with wow token it is also sactioned by blizzard.

I’ve only been to one GDKP in wotlk and that was just cause I signed late for my guild run so didn’t get a spot. Ended up getting an 18k cut. I’ve never bought gold and only had about 10k before the run so was a nice little cash injection.

I do genuinely like the system, however the big problem with it is it encourages gold buying. If blizz committed to banning bots and gold seller/buyers then it would be much less of a problem.

Lmao, imagine carrying the raid and then having to pay for items aswell.
Find a guild my man, dont let these crabs convince you that GDKPs are a good system.


OK so thats the gold sellers logic doing these runs. Explain to me the logic with going for a run trying to earn items with the points in mind i have mentioned in the text.

You collect the split you get at the end of a run and buy items with the gold you earned in the next runs. Super simple system that removes the additional rng of rolling.

Anyone doing gdkps will love the system. For some its p2w (in a good sense), for others its a great gold income or simply an easy way to wash botted gold. In gdkps, everyone is a winner in some way. However, this is fueled only by botting/rmt and without it, it would never have been as popular and profitable, as it is right now.

I dont partake in it, however i will say understanding it is easy.

Players value the rewards, not the content, gaming culture has changed and now they play for the reward, and not to enjoy the content.

Thanks for the replies guys. I dont really want to discuss wether or not the system is good or bad. Im curious to know tho, at how much amount of gold should be a safe amount to join a gdkp run with the expectation to win an item agianst other bidders? Thats what i dont understand when it comes to this, when as i said before you can esentially have unlimited gold because of RMT.

You would be expected to have 50-100k gold budget as a participant of GDKP Ulduar run. Below that, youre probably not getting invited.
You are correct, there is no limitation (not even gold cap) unless you pre-buy an item at a a set price beforehand.