Heroic Warfront


Its broken. We first Rokhan spawned near our base and we made him go to 60% and he teleported away. Then he came 2 min later and this time we killed him and Warfont ended with completing the normal quest and no credit for Heroic. We then went again did it all the right way and killed Rokhan in his base.
Still no quest completion… GG


Yeah, I had the same problem, finished heroic warfront an hour or so ago, got achievement but quest didn’t complete.


Yeah, you can get in now, but they are glitchy as hell! The one we just did, the Siege Engines bugged out.

They just piled on top of each other, and didn’t attack enemy gate.

  • We couldn’t build new ones
  • They evade bugged enemy NPC’s
  • Even on Heroic, eventually your own NPC’s will overwhelm and swarm enemy
  • We tried kiting Rohkan away from our NPC’s for 30min but eventually they killed him
  • 2 hours wasted
  • No frikken loot what so ever
  • No quest completion

So first impressions of Heroic Warfronts, are that they are as functional as Fallout 76

What’s the point to even queue again, if it means there is a chance even more time can be wasted?

I opened a ticket, and I better get my fracking quest reward from support. Our group is furious right now!


Hey, yeah, uhm … I have several questions.
starting with how Rokan simply camped out in our base until he died instead of retreating after losing a certain amount of HP.
Or how half of our raid DIDN’T get either a quest completion OR a reward for even doing the Warfront.

Will there be any form of compensation? Or did I just lose 45 minutes of my life for literally no reason whatsoever?


Got the same problem as the people in the last few posts mentioned. Did the warfront two times. At first atempt boss came to base we got him to 60% and he left, then right before the enemy gates were destroyed he attacked us again, didnt leave (we have to destroy gates, and kill him in base right?) and we downed him till he died. Warfront was a win - no achievevment or quest done though. At second attempt boss just didn’t leave our base after 1st attack and we left him to kill Turalyon and get this over with since we couldn’t do the needed steps to finish the warfront. We are either doing something wrong or this is way too bugged…


Well, Heroic Warfront is essentially a raid. 30 people, in a instance, against NPC’s with mechanics and objectives.

So imagine if Method killed the final boss in a mythic raid, didn’t get any loot or achievement. Would they be compensated? Probably, yeah. Because they World First Carebears.

As for us regular subscribers? We are probably just going to get a reply going something like:

“Hi, thank you for contacting customer support. We are sorry you didn’t have a enjoyable experience with the new content. A hotfix will arrive within a few days. Please try again later, if you still experience issues, use the “Submit a bug” function from the help panel. Thank you for continuing to give us your money each month, Bobby Kotick loves to wipe his butt with it. PS: Don’t forget to buy a new store mount. Sincerely, Blizzard Customer Support”


And now the quest cannot be completed and cannot be turned in.

(Kóbi) #28

The quest is bugged big time, it didnt complete for me or my team mates and now everytime I take a portal the quest vanish from my quest log and I have to pick it up again. I refuse to do the warfront again as its time consuming. Am expecting the rewards to be in mail soon.

(Aerandul) #29

Agreed. Didn’t spend all that time cheering our tank on as they kited Rokhan around the map for nothing.


Yeah, I finished the warfront 3 times and got no quest completion. I have logged out and back in, and now the quest is gone from my log. And the quest giver has a quest available for me, as if i have never taken the quest. Very frustrating.


Me too, and it better be there. Opened a ticket, I ain’t going to torture myself with Heroic Warfronts when there is a huge chance that it’s just going to glitch out.

(Kóbi) #32

The tank did what? haha thats madness


you are over over exaggerating, and no i raided mythic Bod and i can tell you this there’s always few ppl in the raid that doesn’t know all mechanics perfectly, even the 450 or no inv ? common it’s not that that high, and no even in Mythic raiding not all mistakes will lead to wipe etc, don’t over exaggerate it doesn’t make u funny lol


Funny lol? Looks like it does kek


This is just so broken, won the Warfront by killing the boss after he refused to despawn, got the victory screen but no quest completion. Let’s see what they respond to my ticket…
Also tried it a second time, he despawned twice at 60% and on the 3rd attack stopped despawning again. As the group wasn’t as strong as the first one we lost.

(Aerandul) #36

Some of the raid knew there was a bug - thinking if you killed Rokhan before capturing the points it’d fail. So when he wouldn’t leave us alone, a tank volunteered to kite him around the map. Got close - down to <4m health just as the gates were downed.


just finished the heroic warfront with a premade raid got the achievment but the reward was only normal mode loot eg. 340er itemlvl and the heroic quest did not finish … ticket is open

(Solemnasar) #38

I’m not over exaggerating, I’m just sharing my experience. Chances to get and stay in raid are extremely too low to spend fun and no-stressed time.

(Finnbarr) #39

Completed heroic warfront…quest didn’t complete :confused:

(Valtharíen) #40

Same here. Waste of time…