Heroic Warfront


EDIT: Stay away from Heroic Warfronts, they are very bugged at the moment!

Looking through this thread and several others, the 3 main issues are:

  • Your quest may not complete upon victory, ergo no loot
  • Quest may vanish all-together upon victory and you have to take it again
  • Enemy and friendly NPC’s are likely to evade bug, preventing advancement


  • Support claims that the issue has been hotfixed, this is not true. People are still experiencing issues
  • Ticket replies from various players seem to state the same. “Hotfix underway, please keep trying” although there is no guarantee to get reward+achievement for doing so.
  • Personal response in my ticket states “As this issue is still being investigated, we will be unable to grant completion credit.”

Still waiting for reply on compensation after the issue has finished being investigated.


Official reply

  • Real hotfix is apparently now underway
  • Some players are claiming that GM’s were able to complete their quests and give them their due rewards
  • No official word on compensation for the rest


Now confirmed that some players that have submitted tickets are having the quest completed and reward granted by Customer Support.

Still no official word if this is going to happen to everyone who experienced the problem and submitted a ticket, or just a lucky few.


  • Quest can now be completed as stated by Community Manager Kaivax.

  • Achievement is still bugged

  • Gameplay in HC Warfront also still bugged


How / Where can you sign up?

Can queue for normal, but there is no heroic option, not even when you make a raid.

What’s going on? :frowning:

(Lynlarae) #2

In the survival guide it said a group of 10-20 people can queue from the war table.


Whats the point of HC Warfront ?

If i want to ‘tryhard’ PvE i can que for LFR

(Lynlarae) #4

we CAN lose this time and higher ilvl reward ^^ but i think it is still in contribution phase ? not available yet!


Yeah we tried that, it doesn’t work.


As far as I know it doesn’t work for Alliance because we finished to early. So we have to wait 20 days or so until it’s up the next time.

(Alexima) #7

What? Tryhard pve is LFR?

As for heroic warfront.

Warfront is basically a raid. If we had less bosses and more adds. which means a worse raid.

(Kaivax) #8


There was a bug that prevented the Heroic Warfront from becoming available as expected. We fixed that 15 minutes ago, and you should be able to queue now.

Herioc Warfront bugged
Blizzard's Horde bias strikes once again
(Solemnasar) #9

What about building and collecting stuff? Hiring bodyguard dudes or hop a tank? Also everyone is fine with pulls and deaths.
I really cannot see any similarities between warfront and add-raid.

(Alexima) #10

Oh yea. You collect wood and click a few buttons. Then continue killing adds until you kill enough adds that eventually lets you kill the last boss.

Thank goodness we have wood collecting. That certainly made it not like a raid with more adds and less bosses.

(Solemnasar) #11

Was it only wood collecting that you experienced?
Even though warfront is to easy, it’s still far more fun than the raid (and less stressful)

(Alexima) #12

Well. I guess you enjoy warfronts. Good for you. I personally didn’t even want to do them for the 400 ilvl item back when i needed 400 ilvls. That’s how much i hate it. It’s like shutting my brain for 30~40 minutes and doing the most braindead thing imaginable.

At least, in a raid, I need to learn a mechanic, and contribute.

(Solemnasar) #13

Well if you look at it this way, any activities besides m+ and raids are braindead thing imaginable.
Raid are mostly for elite people. I see raids as a job: must know mechanic perfectly, contribute fast and strong (so “450+ or inv”), and any small mistake will lead to a terrible consequences and penalties. You learn one script and then follow this script every week.

(Waygos) #14

410ilvl or 420ilvl rewards?


I have now completed the HC Battle of Stromgarde twice, but the quest did not get completed even though bot warfronts ended with a victory. The warfront itself seems bugged as the last boss entered our base both times. We killed him and got rewarded a victory, but quest did not complete


430 just like raid.

(Waygos) #17

430!!! When it will be available?!


Same here…


Same for me - did on my SP and got the achieve but the quest did not complete and I cannot hand it in. Spoke to some guildies and they got the quest completed and loot but did not get the achieve. So it seems its bugged two ways.


When you create a normal Q for Warfront which you need to Join in Raid so the Q cant get credit because you were in a Raid. LuL