[H][EU] Cross-Realm raiding community looking for players for weekend heroic raiding

Cross-Realm raiding
Raid Times are Friday and Saturday 8:00 - 11:00 server time
Be chill
Have brain

<Don’t Release> is a group of (at least) four (sometimes more) friends looking to find other competent players to clear some heroic raids with. Ultimately we would like to be raiding mythic, but the first step is to get a stable roster together and have heroic on farm. When we’re there, we can reassess and choose the next steps.

Why Fridays and Saturdays?
I can’t raid on “school” nights due to work and studies. We’re hoping to find others in a similar boat as there don’t seem to be many guilds that don’t have at least one raid night during the week.

Who we are as players
We have all raided heroic and a little mythic in the past. Our raid leader has done a bit more mythic raiding than the rest of us and has raid lead at that level in the past. We came back for Shadowlands with the intention of just chilling at the start and seeing if it’s worth sticking around for after BFA. It seems like it is so far.

Who are we looking for?
We’re all 25+, and would prefer to play with other mature players. Age isn’t really a good gauge of maturity though so just don’t be a drama llama. In raids, we would like players who take responsibility for themselves in terms of preparation, gearing, consumables, and performance. Obviously, you need to be able to take instruction from the raid leader as well as being prepared to adapt your play based on what the encounter requires. Currently, we need players to fill all roles with a slight bias towards ranged over melee DPS.

What else do we do?
As much mythic plus as our schedules allow. It would be cool to not have to fill spots with pugs.
I’m not a PvPer myself but a couple of the others are interested in arenas and stuff.

For general info you can message me on BNET (Rawrzberry#2962), or discord (Jeff#7456)
For raiding related questions you can message sirze#2395 on discord or sirze#2742 on BNET

Just a small update. We’ve got enough members to start raiding this coming weekend. We’d still love to add some more members to our ranks and currently, our roster is flexible enough that we can still accommodate all roles.

hey I am quite interested,

been looking for weekend raiding in my realm but my realm is a low pop realm and most guilds raid during the week.

A community seems the perfect solution, I have tried adding you on battlenet would like to join.

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Sent a discord message.