High Population Realms


Am I to understand 5k Queues were not a vanilla experience?


No! There were neved queues like this!


after 15 years of wow blizzard is still falling into there own traps, with wow classic alot of high populated retail servers are quiet just because people sitting in classic queue and cant login retail .
and why oh why are there only, yup ONLY 3 normal servers ???


there increasing realm cap new blizzard topic


All I can think now is: “far queue Blizzard… far queue…”


Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – 28 August


5 mins ago

With hotfixes that we are currently deploying to all WoW Classic realms, we are substantially increasing the number of players that can be simultaneously logged in and playing. We expect this to result in smaller queues for realms that have large queues, and some realms should no longer have queues …


lol its just water on a hot iron, queue of 6k+ and maybe the increase is 50-100 players ?


Pretty sure “substantially increasing the number of players” is not 50-100. They stated in the first sentence that this change is currently being deployed, so it shouldn’t be in effect on all servers yet.


Waiting for 8 hours still willing to play it’s up to your choice


Very true I come home from work at 4pm and i’m able to play starting from 11pm but i wake up at 5:30 :smiley:


low realms are not up all realm are full now :frowning:


Lower pop servers?
Flamelash = FULL
Gandling = FULL


this is not Blizzards fault… its just not possible to just increase server capacity by 300%… there is a limit what capacity one server can have. People are often following streamers and famous people and are willing to wait in line to play on the same server. On the other hand they cannot just add server whenever majority of servers are full… they just cant detele servers easily when the hype vanishes… Wow Classic could have had better launch but I can imagine there is no easy solution to this…


What kind of crack are blizzard smoking ?
This was so EASY to predict, the hype around classic have been HUGE!
and you think 13 servers for EU is enough ??!?!?
My cat knows better!
We pay to play, not to sit in queue for HOURS n hours!!!

or u will lose alot of players fast, cous this is faar away from a fun game atm!


they just dont care dude, they are afraid of ghost servers… like they dont have money… oh wait. just guess from the waiting queues how many ppl payed already…


@Hochiming Fistly - all streamers are playing on Feralina US. They agreed between themselves to avoid what you just assumed.

Secondly, there is an easy solution, easy business case. They seen number of ppl subscribing and creating characters. They seen number of subscriptions spiking up. So they new the numbers. Unless you believe they thought “hmm this 500k new subscribers are due new BFA patch we released…” And it is easy to add additional servers. Its not adding physical space. Juts enough to lease bigger numbers of virtual space for servers. We talking Activision Blizzard 2019, not Blizzard 2004.


there are now several medium servers on eu English no queue, don’t see why people would wait 10k queue as the game released 2 days ago


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Join Ashbringer :slight_smile:

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And a average of 4K Q on prime time !


Joined the queue with 4k at 10am, disconnected at 1pm requeued and still waiting with 3600 ppl in front of me on Gehennas. oh and thats only today!


dreadmist is medium