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Layers and Character Creation Adjustments on Select Realms

To address the longest queues on some WoW Classic realms, we’ve just implemented layering and character creation restrictions. The following realms are now layered and unavailable for paid character transfers or new pla…

553 June 3, 2020
Character Transfer Restrictions -- Updated 28 May

At this time, the following realms are temporarily restricted from character transfers. You cannot purchase a Paid Character Transfer to: Realm Locale Type Ashbringer English PvP Auberdine French Normal Fire…

3 May 28, 2020
WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List

As we’ve discussed before, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended. The followin…

8 August 27, 2019
WoW Classic Customer Support and You

The WoW Classic team has been working hard to authentically recapture the original World of Warcraft experience for adventurers old and new . Our approach to Customer Support for WoW Classic is built around upholding the…

4 August 27, 2019
Welcome, Please Read Before Posting!

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Classic Discussion section. Here you can discuss all things World of Warcraft Classic with fellow players. Please take some time to read through the following pages before posting: Worl…

3 November 14, 2018
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