[H]Looking for guild


Looking to transfer from Bloodscalp due to low population.
Playing wow since Wotlk on and off. My main is a Sub rogue, always been more PvP minded than PvE.
Looking for a mature, easy going guild, aiming to do Arenas/RBG`s, no high expectations. I’m in my mid 30s, so I don’t have cat like reflexess, but I know my char pretty well.
Usually on every day for a few hours, and a bit more on the weekends.

Hey (H) <Eternity Reborned> Weekend Raid team LF members and socials and pvpers

Hi there, if you’re a Dutch speaking player, you might be interested in joining us.

Hello.A rogue would be really nice addition to our team.take a look here about us :smiley:

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