[H)Multiple CE player LF Mythic raid guild

I am posting in hope to find some like minded players who are currently actively raiding and running mythic+ content every day. I returned to the game a few days ago after getting AOTC in the first week of the raid being released but am growing frustrated with the pug experience and lack of invites in the LFG tool (not the way I want to experience the game)

The bad news is that my gear is atrocious but the better news is that I have high end raid experience since vanilla WoW on multiple healer or dps classes (mainly Druid/Hpala/Shaman/Priest or DK) and I’m available online every day to get caught up until I am mythic raid ready to help finish the tier.

Is there any guild that would overlook my gear and give me a chance to shine? in previous tiers I have 95+ percentile in terms of logs and am reliable as well as being present on discord for joking around and making friends with the guild. My aim is to blast M+ and catch up with renown and legendaries which I don’t expect to take long.

please add shadowphax#21555 if this is something you can get behind and we can chat more. I’m happy to play any of the classes mentioned and will show that I can play to a high standard :slight_smile:

Hey buddy,

have a read here:

We’re the kind of guild that puts emphasis on the players as opposed to numbers and meta related stuff. Our default setting is trust, if you play well like you say, come on over we’ll get you geared up and ready to go! We’re an odd combination of mature players who take it pretty easily but also want to get high keys and mythic raiding done!

Heyo we are a 6/10M guild atm would like to talk to you more can u add me on discord ? a4papier#3255

Hey :slight_smile:

Check us out -> [H][EU][⋆ Divide et Impera ⋆] is looking for Dedicated Raiders for its Main Core