Hoist the Sails, a Plunderstorm Has Arrived!

Hoist the Sails, a Plunderstorm Has Arrived!

Batten Down the Hatches, it's time for pirates, magic, and mayhem when you plunge into Plunderstorm—a fun, new, pirate-themed event of prodigious proportions!

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So as I expected we were going to have a Pirates themed mini-content update :smiley:

Videos private atm but will get fixed soon methinks.

Edit: Videos now working!


Not going to spend time or effort on this.
If I wanted to play a Battle Royal, I’d be playing a battle royal game.


I’m down to try it, why? Cause that set looks baller holy smokes!

I’ll refrain from commenting too much since I havent played it yet and don’t know how fun it is yet, but I’m glad the devs are switching it up and I really appreciate the innovation


I am totally and completely taken by surprise at this pirate themed event and it is a complete and utter coincidence that my household has been in “talk like a pirate” mode for the past few days since the 10.2.6 release date announcement!!

Blizzard you hid this surprise so well :dracthyr_tea:


Why would you even make a battle royale mode in a mmorpg. If I wanted to play battle royale, I’d play fortnite or pubg, not a mmorpg.


People complaining why Blizz adding a mini-mode to the game really can’t just have some fun in the game… xD


Could have made an ultimate instead of this.

what a load of pish

battle royale is dumb

good luck healers…


ok…so its a PVP minigame?

I feel like the secrecy and hype def oversold this (also can already hear ‘its totally broken/lagged/etc’).


Well the upside is there wasnt anything related to DF/TWW to spoil
KEK :rofl: :skull:

Is this PvP? Because… that is the worst thing imaginable for me. I have 0 interest in PvP.
Tbh it doesn’t interest me in the slightest even if it wasn’t but have they lost the plot?


this is why we are not getting new dungeons only rehashed old garbage

weak fortnice clone in wow .

litraly nobody asked for this :confused:

give us dungeons and raids.


I’ll give it a try, I guess.

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oh ye - ofc they put mount and transmog in there to force players into this :confused:

and its a fomo event unless we force them to bring it back on forums :confused:


It’s not tied to our existing chars it seems.

If I understand this correctly you just create a blank wow char without a class, get dropped in probably with a basic autoattack or ranged attack and have to run and loot to get more gear and spells.

It’s basically warzone (only BR I used to play).

I can image the map becoming smaller as the match progresses to force fights.
I’ll see how it goes and probably go for the mount and transmog at least.

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When this goes live someone send me a timeframe on how long it takes to get mount.

make sure you are fast - because by the end of video they admited its fomo event which "may " return in future when it goes away .

they said its more or less 1 renown level per day of playing .

so i guess mount will be on renown 40