Hoist the Sails, a Plunderstorm Has Arrived!

Another reason why I won’t be touching this with a 10 foot pole.
Get rid of all the FOMO Crap.
It causes more harm to the game than anything.


Yeah I hate these limited time events purely designed to give people fomo - even moreso because it works. I’m a big transmog and mount collector.


Ppl starving for content and blizz realeses this… Releasing a battle royale mod (many years after the “battle royale-mania”) while recycling content for the upcoming season… Nice!


I’ll try it but it doesn’t excite me.

time limited fomo battle royale :slight_smile:

at least thorgast - failed copy of infinite dungeon crawler is still in game

this "may " return of we tell they how we love it soooooo much :slight_smile:

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So… its world of warcraft hunger games? :thinking:

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Can’t believe people are already whining. Imo it’s a good idea. Finally something different and new. I’m just afraid that 4-5 games per renown level is too much… considering how much time average BR game takes from drop to finish.


So, the season 4 died for this? We won’t receive a new set of dungeons or new sets only because Blizzard has been working on this abberation that has nothing to do with the game itself?

I’m glad they decided to try as much as they can to distract the playerbase from what little time is left of Dragonflight and gave us recycled content from the previous seasons. Even the last season from Shadowlands had new dungeons & new tier sets.

My disappointment is immeasurable with this waste of time.


I’ve played other battle royale games. I hate battle royale.

That’s not even getting into the fact it’s going to be 60 people in a zone for pvp purposes when the game can’t even handle a 40-man raid trying to kill a world boss without breaking down.


What really bothers me most about this is that developer time (which I pay for) has been spent on a kind of game that I play this game to avoid playing.


So here we go!

Plunderstorm trailer… 4/10.
Podcast, never watch them as they’re pure cringe!

It’s nice to hold this event in an area, which is never really visited. So it will be nice to see a lot of activity within the Arathi Highlands.

The mount, pet and outfit, sure they’re fine, but nothing to scream OMG SO EPIC!

The only thing, which peaked my interest was the bush in that trailer. If that’s a toy and can be used in open world PvP and it hides your name/bar, that would be pretty awesome. However, I have a feeling it’s going to be only related to a quest/area event thing.

But I was right in thinking, the whole event was going to be fine, nothing amazing and ground breaking. I wouldn’t say it’s “BOLD”, like mentioned in a previous posting.

It’s over several weeks, which means those who were complaining about the short timeframe of the hearthstone event, shouldn’t have any reason to complain this time around… but the chances would be a fine thing indeed.

But overall we’ll try it and then get bored of it after an hour and then just have to visit the place to do whatever daily activity we need to do to get the the items from the event.

People who are “overly excited” for this event, probably have never played a battle royale game, which isn’t fortnite!


Stardew valley 1.6 comes out today.
I was unsure which one to play.
Now i know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Could have done a better work with that trailer Blizzard, I expect more from you.

Hopefully this will bring all the discouraged PVPers back. Probably won’t though.

Sure, more like Warzone, PUBG or Fortnite but yeah, hunger games :smiley:

  1. PvP event, so forced into PvP
  2. Battle Royal
  3. Standalone client, not WoW
  4. Time-limited, FOMO

They could have done so many other things, actually in the game, to address long standing requests and concerns of people.
No, they decided to make a Fortnite clone to lure in younger people, and put a carrot on a stick with mounts and transmogs to get engagement numbers up.


hell - they could have used this time to give us 3 - 4 new dungeons . using those lockations and pirate theme.

but they rather they use this time for fomo battle royale


/slowclap A fricking Battle Royal…

Was this a failed project from 5 years ago when all you ‘AAA’ companies were trying to make one?

Just so we’re clear: that data you’ll get from me playing it… just for the collectibles.


that’s exactly what they want…


People whine about lack of content besides m+ and raids in the game. Blizzard creates something new and mole people from these forums immediately whine about lack of new dungeons. This is why Blizzurd doesn’t take seriously feedback from this place.


So this will be separated client or in retail?