Holy: 9.0.5 Changes


Heals all party or raid members within 40 yards for [5 * (60% of Spell power)] over 8 sec. Each heal increases all targets’ healing taken by 4% for 15 sec, stacking.
Healing increased by 100% when not in a raid.

I can’t help being amused that one more time, the change Holy Priest gets is increased throughput. Thoughts?


Looks like a good start! And looks like a good buff.

Just hope they make aoe heals better.

Its a good buff for the other healers i guess.
Someday the bottomline holy priest itself will get buffed as well, someday. :upside_down_face:

And our FC buff goes from 15 sec to 20 sec :slight_smile: it is a big buff for M+ and people who use FC in raid too


Omg yes thank you for the FC duration buff!

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Yes! I really like this

Shouldn’t FC be 30s stacking 10 times?

Should increase prayer of healing by 5% and reduce mana by 6% too.

Add 1 stack of prayer of mending for each Fc stack increased and adding 1s to timer and 10% healing.

Probably too op but they should really buff priest healing some how.

If that happened, Heal would pretty much become an instant-cast massive heal - exactly like Holy Word: Serenity. That in my opinion would make it much too imbalanced, and would make Trail of Light a pretty much necessary Talent, killing the others in the row (Enlightenment is still sensible in Raids if you don’t play around Flash Concentration). Flash Concentration would also become much too skewed in power compared to other Legendaries.

10-time stacking Concentration would make it extremely punishing to refresh if it wears off for any reason. Right now in Mythic+ if you momentarily drop Heal at Prideful to kick in a Divine Hymn, the buff wears off if you go for Hymn’s full duration. If for any reason the 30-second buff wore off like that, there would be a ton of Mana lost in refreshing it.

Holy Priest’s problem is not throughput, I think. It can certainly pump big with little effort. Its problem lies in utility - no interrupt, no Combat Ress, no Self Ress, nothing like Ring of Peace or Roots, and no easily-interwoven damage that interacts with our healing. Sure, Restoration Shamans passed us in throughput. But I personally believe that more players will play Holy Priest if it got some things among the above.

A Prayer of Healing buff would be nice, though.

Well since we don’t have any utility like you describe, we should have higher throughput. But we could get more utility too…

I just feel that holy always have been a high throughput healer so maybe that is the way to go?

When you get to FC I agree with you actually. Would have been to OP.

I don’t think an amount of throughput exists that can make holy priest attractive while its utility and mitigation are this bad. That’s the problem. You’d need to be like… 8.3 pre nerf infinite healing Mistweaver levels of HPS, and that’s just broken.

Yes I agree just saying it should be one or the other. If it indeed is impossible to make us attractive through HPS alone, then they should look at our toolkit.

What do you think could make us more popular?


I really like what I am seeing about the holy priest. However, it keeps needing some more improvement like

  1. a more efficient way to do passive dps to be an option for M+ and avoid the /w question “holy or disc”

  2. a sexy way to have a real utility.
    I was thinking a way to buff my allies to do more dmg. It means I will bring passive dmg and I don’t need to stop healing in order to add dmg, because they are going to do my dmg.

We already have songs/hymns and holy words why not keep developing this idea and create something like a holy bard. It will be so cooooooll! My first image I have in my head right now is the Aion Chanter class, it could be used as a reference and adapt it to the WOW world.

Chanter mantras

Victory Mantra - Increases Attack.
Shield Mantra - Increases Physical Defense, Block, Parry and Evasion.
Magic Mantra - Increases Magic Boost and Magic Accuracy.
Celerity Mantra - Increases Movement Speed.
Revival Mantra - Recovers HP.
Clement Mind Mantra - Recovers MP.
Intensity Mantra - Increases Physical Crit.
Protection Mantra - Increases All Elemental Defense.
Enhancement Mantra - Increases Stun Resist.
Invincibility Mantra - Recovers MP and increases Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Boost.
Hit Mantra - Increases Physical Crit, Crit Spell, Strike Resist and Spell Resist.

aion.fandom . com/wiki/Chanter

or like the old Seal system form the pally. Instead buff you buff the party

or the Rift Bard ( https: // rift.magelo . com/en/soultree#v/ )

  1. a way to give DR (the most desired utility). What about to change a little bit our mastery instead to get hot with 3 hits we can have…

If I my Heal heals for 2000 and I have 20% mastery
then the Alli is going to receive a hot which is going to heal him 2 times for 200 and
a shield with a 200 = 400 (20% of my mastery)

  1. all the previous options.

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