Holy Paladin LG Guild

Scottish player LF Guild.

Recent picked up paladin and having a great time with it so looking for a social raiding guild with potential mythic progress in the future.

Played WW in 9.0 and finished 8/10M but wanted to change it up and now playing paladin (Still keep my WW up to date)

Can search my WW on Logs Meht-TarrenMill (Not raided on Paladin yet)

Don’t mind playing alliance or horde just looking mostly for an active guild that enjoys all content of the game.

Discord: Meht#4130

Hi Mehta,

Would love to chat with you, i think youll be a great fit for the guild.
Not played with one bad scottish player yet :wink:

Heres a link to our guild recruitment page;

Let us know if it interests you.

Battlenet: Psykick06#2401


I added you on Discord to chat =) (I’m xWestie)


You sound like you might be a great fit for our guild Impaired, we are a relatively new (7 months old) Alliance guild on Ravencrest EU. We achieved 7/10 Mythic Castle Nathria after coming into 9.0 late and are currently 10/10 Normal, 5/10 Heroic Sanctum of Domination. The goal this tier is Cutting Edge. We are a more mature guild with the average player age around 27-28 (we even have a Scottish raid leader so you’ll be right at home!) and most of us have played the game seriously since TBC/Wrath, a lot of us having even played together most of that time. We actively try to run Mythic+ with the majority of our current roster having achieved Keystone Master Season 1 and some on their way to getting KSM Season 2 already.

You can read more about our guild here; New 2 Day Raiding Guild - Alliance - Ravencrest. If any of this sounds interesting to you please get in touch with any member of the guild in game or message Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Battle.net Brukerr#2705.