New 2 Day Raiding Guild - Alliance - Ravencrest

Welcome to Impaired.

Impaired is a fun-loving and goal-oriented group of players that love to do high-end PvE content every tier with a heavy emphasis on social interaction (socials also welcome).

We use Discord as our main platform for all things guild and community-related.

Impaired as a guild is not exclusively tied to Azeroth. We enjoy having a good laugh with each other and play different games outside of WoW and spend time daily on Discord discussing everyday life.

We are a new guild that has started with a bunch of people that have played together over the last 16years. We all feel we would now like to create our place to progress together, whether that is in M+ or raids. Instead of being scattered across multiple guilds. Most of us individually have 10/10herioc CN and some Mythic CN progression, which we hope to re do and build on with anyone who joins.

Our aims and goals are to progress to the best of our abilities, whilst being inclusive for everyone. We do not want to leave anyone left out.

We are going to clear heroic CN and get everyone prepared for mythic raids. We will be hoping to have a better focus on mythic content in the next tier.

As a guild, we want to build a friendly community that has no toxicity working towards goals we all have in raids, mythic +, arena, RBGs or anything else.

We acknowledge the time and effort of our guildies and expect everyone on an individual level to respect fellow guild members.

What this means: - When you sign up for a raid, you arrive on time, come prepared with basic knowledge of the encounters and have the expected consumables with gear enchanted.
We understand people have lives outside of Azeroth and with that comes unexpected situations that may cause you to either be delayed or miss raid entirely.
Communication is key.

Currently recruiting all classes.

Raid days will be Wednesdays & Thursdays, 9pm till 12am game time.

Feel free to contact Brukerr. Via Discord Brukerr#1325 or Via Brukerr#2705


Some reason it has went against character from when classic was first released.
My main is Brukerr on Ravencrest.

Slight bump and a quick update, we decided to do a quick clear of normal Castle Nathria to help a few of our members who are rerolling grab gear. The guild is now 10/10 Normal, expecting Heroic progress to start this reset.

Our raid team is particularly lacking ranged DPS, feel free to drop us a message if you think we are the right place for you!

Just another update, the guild is now at 9/10 Heroic Nathria (9.5% Sire best attempt so far). We’re still looking for more people to round out our raid roster but also Mythic+/PvPers/Socials are more than welcome.

We are running regular Rated Battlegrounds every Sunday outside of our 2 raid nights (no obligation to participate if this isn’t your cup of tea) and also regular Mythic+ runs with majority of the guild pushing keys outside of raid days.

If any of this sounds appealing to you please feel free to contract Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705

Quick update for everyone, we’re now 2/10 Mythic and looking to fill out the last one or two spots of our roster. We are particularly looking for 1-2 strong ranged DPS and a Discipline Priest. Applicants must be comfortable with some level of rotation just due to the nature of Mythic Raiding compositions sometimes need to be changed on a per fight basis.

If you think we might be a good fit for you please get in touch with Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705. Or feel free to whisper anybody online in the guild at any time and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Another update, we’re now 3/10 Mythic with Hungering Destroyer down for the past 2 resets (our kill video can be seen here

Our roster has undergone some changes and we are once again opening up for ranged DPS, if you feel like we might be a good fit for you please get in touch with any member of the guild in game or message Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705.

4/10, Sun King Down. Enerva Next.

We’re still on the hunt for one or two stellar ranged DPS players to round out our roster, if you think we might be a good fit for you please get in touch with Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705! Alternatively you can contact anybody online in the guild and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

You can also see our Sun King’s Salvation kill video here

6/10 now! We’ve had two good resets making progress killing Inerva and Xy’mox, starting Council progression next. If you feel like you might be a good fit for our guild please feel free to get in touch.

Lady Inerva Darkvein Kill Video:
Artificer Xy’mox Kill Video:

We are still working on killing Mythic Council of Blood but a few Raiders have had real life commitments which meant we haven’t had many pulls this reset. In our brief downtime we decided that a Glory of the Nathria Raider run would be fun so we quickly smashed that out and had a great time.

We are still looking for some exceptional DPS players to round out one or two spots we have going into 9.1, if you think this could be you please get in touch with Brukerr on Discord Brukerr#1325 or Brukerr#2705. Alternatively you can reply to this post or message any guild members online in-game and they will point you in the right direction.

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