Holy paladin spell crit


I’ve checked wowhead recently and it says paladin has 50 int per 1% crit chance.
IIRC people were speaking about low int required for paladin to have high crit chance.
Is it private server stuff or wowhead is not correct ?
By having 50 int per crit, paladin does not seem like heavy crit guy.

Well, for comparison, a paladin gets 1% crit for every 54 int and a priest gets 1% crit for every 59.2 int according to wowhead. Druids get 1% crit for every 60 int, taken from the same source.

level 60 holy paladin has 250 int (roughly)? = 5% Crit, 5% Crit chance with talents and your pre raid BiS gear gives 3-4% crit.

That’s 14% crit chance pre raids.

Seems pretty decent to me, as a palading gets all their mana back for a crit heal.

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So all that info about ~30 int for 1% crit was from private servers only ?
That’s sad. Actually pretty unfair, since this class is like a meele with spells, not a real caster.

You’re just reading the info wrong. [?INT/29.5?]% not 30 int for 1% crit

Edit: wow gamepedia com/index.php?title=Critical_strike&oldid=350372

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Whta does INT mean there ? basic int ?
And why there is a “?” in front of a paladin.

Maybe he’s confused?

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Then information is not trustworthy if author is confused.

Nonono, the paladin is confused. Like that guy the other day who blessed salvation on my prot warrior.

If you don’t want to believe it, what can be done? There are literally a thousand sources, using the exact same formula. Use any of those sources if you like. Even on private server forums. Same answer.

ebin troolling dude

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