Homophobic threads have been blossoming on the forums lately

It’s no news that the average forum contributor leans so far to the right that it nearly comes full circle and reaches the left, but this has really been exacerbated lately.

Every. Single. Week.
A new thread complaining about LGBTQ+ characters, minorities, “body 1 and body 2” and so on.

People will carefully word their posts in a way that isn’t blatantly discriminatory, so that we can understand what they mean, but we can’t actually report them. But we all know what they’re truly thinking.
I can’t believe how passive the Blizzard forums mods have been. All of these threads should have been locked by now, and the people supporting these nasty ideas banned entirely.

At the end of the day, diversity and inclusion may be an agenda. But it’s a good one.
If you’d rather have exclusion than inclusion, then you’re just a bad person - it’s that simple.
People existing isn’t political. Erasing them is.


This is exactly the kind of “opinions” that should never be allowed.
Again, it’s blatant homophobia. Thanks for providing us with a concrete example of what not to do.

EDIT: This post was a response to someone who posted an homophobic picture. This picture has now been deleted by Blizzard, which is why this post may not make much sense to you.


I can sense this thread is going to end really well… /s

Learn to use the flag, mute and ignore functions! You will have a happier forum experience for it.


“Everyone is bad if they don’t agree”

While I personally don’t care about people’s race, identity, sexuality, gender, whatever else they label these days, I do care how they behave towards me. “If they act like a douche, I act like a douche” simple as that.

I don’t agree with “body type 1 and 2”, i think a few people don’t, I personally find it ridiculous. Have diversity, that’s fine, but on occasions these agendas are shoved down on the person’s throat and if that person doesn’t agree, that person is a bad person.


No, take a look: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/land-of-the-jolly-gay-dragons/414716
Nearly 200 upvotes, and 1000 replies.
None of what you suggested works. The problem is way too big now, it’s no longer a matter of “just a few isolated trolls”.

It’s too late. These entire forums must be purged.

That’s because you lack empathy. You identify with the gender you were born as, and most people around you do, so you’ve never learn to understand what it feels not to be the case.
The simple truth is, for some people, it’s not that simple. At the end of the day, this change is completely harmless. It should not bother anyone.


That’s quite arrogant of you. Yes, there are some bad eggs, but that I think “body type 1” and “body type 2” serves no purpose doesn’t make me homophobic.


Yeah… And that doesn’t mark you out as trolling at all…


I agree, that there have been some comments of late in the forums, which have been “questionable” at best.
However, I’ve also seen many, that have been critisizing NOT the content itself, but how Blizzard have poorly handled it and those posts have been equaly demolished and the OPs branded as homophobes.
The problem is, there is no grey area any more, when it comes to these kind of discussions. You are either 100% on board or 100% against.
If you as much as make the slightest suggestion, that you are not completely overjoyed with the way Blizzard are implementing these additions in to the game, you are dog piled, torn down and branded as a phobe or an ist.
In my opinion, this is no different, than the flip side of the coin, where people are flamed for wanting this content.


No, opposing body types doesn’t make you homophobic, because this change has nothing to do with homosexuality.
It has to do with gender identity.
You do not understand the core issue, which is why you don’t see the point of this change. But there is one.

Well, yes. There is no middle ground when it comes to discrimination.
You can’t be “only 50% racist” for example, you’re either racist or you’re not.


if gender identity exists then why did they change it to body 1 and body 2? if someone identifies as a female then wouldn’t they select the female one?


So if i personally fine with my gender :female_sign: I lack empathy towards people who are not feeling okay in their own body. Got it. And yes, I’m sarcastic as i didn’t grow up in the west… I had no idea about racism until I moved to the UK, hence I don’t understand it, yet some people would call me that because I simply see people, not colour. Many of us who find the swarming western ideas in a video game suddenly everywhere are simply don’t understand why they have to push it.

Put them there, but don’t push it. We are people, we bleed blood, we are just different. If someone doesn’t agree with you, listen, think, and leave if the conversation is not for you.

Otherwise :snowflake:


Because if you just display “Male” and “Female”, then those who identify as neither or both are not represented.
“Body type” isn’t a gender - it’s just that, a body type. This means you’re free to choose what you identify your character as, even if you’re cisgender.


No, we’re body type 2 now :roll_eyes:


This just proves my point. You can have middle ground. You can 100% agree, that there needs to be change, but it should be handled in a manner, that is respectable to both parties and not feel forced or slapped on like a patch.
If the changes are introduced poorly, they will have a negative effect and undermine what they are trying to achieve


I see, so those who identify as neither for example can be me, yet neither body 1 or body 2 represents my real life identity or even shap, what do I do?


I cry back the day when body type referred to your shape…


Two things here:

  • Adding gay characters isn’t “disrespectful” to anybody.
  • It always “feels forced” for the far right, no matter how it’s handled. One black character, one gay character, and they ALWAYS lose their mind and whine about the Evil Woke Agenda corrupting our children or whatever.

That’s the sad thing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “subtle” or “feels forced” - it will always feel like the latter for those who just want everything to be white and straight all the time.


Wait, I thought we were all left leaning here.

God, I’m so confused.

Wait, no I’m not, I am tired of boring lazy generalisations though.

These things generally don’t - until they are shoved in my face 24/7. I don’t know why the 0,0001% feel they deserve representation completely disproportionate to their numbers.


Ah yes, the good ol “if you dont want this rammed down your throat constantly or you dissagree with me then you’re extreme right wing” argument. xD


Do you really think I missed the gender identity issue?

Fact that you even think I have no understandig of it is also quite arrogant.

In case you missed it, body type 1 and body type 2 are still genders. They only took away the word gender. How does this solve anything?