Honor Rate Increase with Content Unlock at Midnight CET

Tonight, along with our content unlock, we’re increasing the rate at which you’ll earn Honor in Burning Crusade Classic. At that time:

  • PvP faction items now have an Honored reputation requirement (from Revered).
  • The battleground mark costs for Season 1 gear have been removed.
  • The battleground mark costs on Vindicator items have been reduced by half.
  • The amount of bonus honor rewarded from the marks-to-honor repeatable quest has been increased.
  • The Call to Arms daily quest now provides 3 battleground marks and the bonus honor reward has been increased.
  • The Halaa and Terokkar PvP daily’s bonus honor reward has been significantly increased.
  • The Hellfire Fortification PvP daily now provides a bonus honor reward.
  • Tier 4 and 5 tokens can now be exchanged for season 1 and 2 gear at tier vendors.

Developer commentary in the WoW Community Council forum here.

As always, thank you very much for the robust and enthusiastic feedback on this!


WTF that was unexpected… also I paid full price for my new s3 offpieces reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Same, RIP my marks :frowning:

why s2 for t5 tokens but not for honor :frowning:


Actual changes aside I’m once again astounded by the incompetence of Blizzard communication. Again(!) significant PvP changes announced less than 24 hours before being added to the game costing thousands of hours of player time.

Did you not think it would make sense to implement these changes when season 3 started? Or, you know, maybe at least tell us about it before we bought all the season 3 off pieces and/or season 1 gear for alts?


This should be done on Zul Aman patch, NOT NOW ! People already spend their mark and their honors on S2/S3 offset gear, and 1 week after the season release you discount everything ? Woot … I spend the last 2 week more than 100 hours of farming.

Anyway, it’s a good change.


I guess people is never happy. Just bad luck for you guys…


lololololol hahahaha

Now let the crying about ratings and current season items costing too much AP begin.

blizz, we need to increase the desertion for bg to 35 minutes. You and I know it’s necessary


while i can accept it, but formyself i didnt really wanted or needed this, cause it is how it was back in tbc with honor. T5 tokens right now definetly should not award s2 gear aslong as s2 gear is only aviable for arenapoints, even if cheaper. T4 for s1 is more acceptable but also meh in my opinion, but t5 tokens should definetly not be awarding s2 gear yet


Why would you ever do so that you can buy the last season gear for Token obtained from PvE???

**You should not be able to just skip doing arena all together but still get gear from the tokens by PvEing. **

**REMOVE the change you are about to make that you can buy legit FULL BiS PVP MAINSET FROM JUST DOING GDKPS… PAY TO WIN. **

Or you should ATLEAST delay the possibility to buy the S2 gear instantly untill Mid Season 3.

Where is my BiS trinket as a priest? Can i obtain it from PvP?
Earring of Soulful meditation.

Where is a cloak for Season 3?
Dory’s Embrace
Cloak of Subjugated Power
Karmaa’s Shroud Of Hope

If there’s no new PvP cloak from PvP, but you are still making changes to PvP; Whats the point? PvE’rs have the huge advantage from mindlessly killing NPC robots 0 skill required what so ever.

So from one run in SSC/TK I can get the best PvP cloak, best PvP weapons for healers and also full S2.

So the mainset from Season 2: That costed ~8150 arena points to collect.
~8150 points / 600 per week for avg player = 13.5 weeks or ~3 months.
Can now be collected within the matter of 2 hours only 1 week after Season 3 arena starts.


Great change! Im suprised and happy to see this happening. I hope many new players are going to PvP now.

The grind for PvP was to high and now it will be more accessable for the average player or normal raiders. I think the tierset token for PvP setitems are also great because it makes older content still relevant and meaningfull.

I hope people like me who grinded the PvP gear before this change are not salty. Its a great change for the game as a whole but a bit late for some people.

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I bit LATE after everyone got items for S3 start but its a good change to make new players start arena .
T5 vs S2 gear a bit OP since you save SO many arena points but well…

Give us Dual spec and the pvp scene could actually start getting pretty big <3

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This is a joke? Did you even read your own thread?!

They are doing what you want and now your angry at them? I mean, i dont mind to have the new PvP cloak for BoJ soon.

Im happy about all the changes except being able to fully skip PvP and gain advantage from doing PvE in regards to PvP. Im giving them feedback in what they should do tho.

You are legit gonna see the honor gained from mark turnins increased from 314 to like 400 :smiley:

Read what i wrote in my previous post, and see the issue im targetting. Why should i be happy with some changes i dont like and did not call for? Dont project feelings on me being angry or feeling some type of way, ever. Im dissapointed, not angry.

I know they cant cater to just me.


Sure, i can understand you but as a PvPer you always habe to PvE for BiS. This is also true for PvEer.
Mostly tanks are also do PvP now for offsets or s3 set items like the feral tank.

I agree with you on the PvP cloaks but i rather have this change and more new people play arena / bgs instead of have some dumb p2w goldbuyer escalating in GDKP raids.

T5 token for season 2 gear is maybe over the top but you as a 1800+ player will have s3 arena gear anyway soon.

It may not be fair to the PVP player, but I’m tired of looking at green-blue allies… it’s better for everyone, admit it.


Oh blizzard and your communication. I guess the people who farmed brainlessly past 3 weeks had to get punished so people who didn’t farm can be rewarded. Rip marks and honor.




Just increase the honor gained through all the BG’s as well by at least 2x and it’s pristine.

Everybody was complaining about honor being too long to farm, now we have a good change and everybody is complaining again. This community kills the game.