Honour not updating?

This was literally the only thing Blizzard had to do after the server restart and they somehow managed to screw it up. Who are they hiring? this is a trainwreck.

I agree, and there is a long list of “f*ckups”, since launch. Its kinda sad that private servers, could handle things better

What a joke a full day without a pvp trinket when half the server already has there’s, really annoying gives everyone else an advantage because of blizzards complete incompetence. This honor system has been out for over 15 years and you still manage to screw it up shame on you.

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Does that mean it affected my Honor Rank? (that didn’t get updated)

Oh hi Blizzard where you been?

Still no update on this? Im still missing my honor/rank upgrade. …

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This week the Same? wtf

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Ye still waiting for rank 3 so i can get my 10% discount and buy my epic mount. No time to farm anymore… Hurry up blizzard!

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Going outside might help the wait


My honor hasn’t updated again this week, I thought they had fixed this issue?

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Honor hasn’t updated on my char either.

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Same problem for me, Stonespine EU. Had the same problem last week as well.

Worked fine last week but didn’t get my honor updated this time.

blizzard pls gib update

Unrelated, but how does your PVP rank affect vendor discounts…?

I solved it!

Same here on my toon, waiting for the discount and i’m at 820 gold now, so it’s pretty annoying

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Hey blue, do us all a favour, rename it from “Honour” to “GankingDoucheBags”, much more accurate.


Try farming crybabies.

Just telling it like it is, if you feel that badly about it, clearly I hit a nerve. :smiley: