Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

30 April- Last Day for the April Trading Post! The Trading Post vendors have updated their inventory for the month of April. You’ll want to hop to it and add these eggcellent new items to your collection.

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Lackluster month.

Please faster rotations, Don’t wanna wait a whole 30 days for another refresh

I need one of these


Disappointed that the Blades of Elune are not Tyrande’s glaives.


Horribly disappointed with the blades. What a complete let-down.
Imo the overal reward should be something that every character, no matter what class, can at least use.


I’ll get the “Ensemble: Trappers Munitions” and “Red Pith Helmet” though.


Wel lthis is now the third month I am saving up…

The jestur outfit was the only thing good and I dont really want another serpernt dragon thats so common in wow … lol.

Transmog- Arsenal: Blades of Elune

Thanks Blizz. Good approach. I approve. :+1:

But I won’t re-subscribe for it. :smiling_imp:

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For me this is a very good month rotation. Glad I saved a lot of tender.

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No idea. Genuine answer. I think the forums are slow to catch up with the account status.

Yeah I’ve had times where I could still post for nearly a month after my sub lapsed.
Speaking of… My sub will run out on the 19th. Still doubting if I’m re-subbing. Show me that new 6 month offer Blizz… :crazy_face:

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I’ve taken break a few days ago, last month I was expecting this mount but it wasn’t there, they put this now … /rage

ok I’ll come back at the end of next month I’m already having withdrawal symptoms while watching arena streams…


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Please just increase the amount of coins you can get each month or just decrease cost. Buying the most “appealing” items costs way more than they should. Around 1000 coins each month is way too little when people want lots of the items listed.

Now you can really just buy the mount and nothing else except one item out of 5 other for 100.

“Earn rewards by playing the game but only a small amount”


Not going to buy anything this month.

Might even skip the Monthly reward.

What do you guys spend your coins on, I’ll have over 3k tenders this month because most rewards were not worth buying.

You guys need to increase your beauty standarts.

what is the thought process behind this waste? something like “oh this looks bad but doesn’t look extremely bad, let me waste my tenders huehheh” if you approach trading post like this of course you’ll run out of tender coins and beg for more.

Actually good idea, Blizzard! You should sell extra tender coins for real money via ingame shop, 10€ for 100 tenders.


I have to agree with you here.

If anything the Trading Post has taught me how to be selective and only get an item that I really want. Not just stuff that’s nice to have aswell.

It teaches you that you don’t have to have something just for the sake of having it. But you should be able to walk away with something you’re happy with.

Unfortunately, they seem to have failed in their goal which was that everyone should be able to get something they like each month, and I am honestly looking at this selection and wondering if I should even bother.

My guess is that they’re saving the good stuff, because this is a dead month.

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Why do i still see the old items?

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Bought the plate mog. 850 tendies. 3k could tell me that you really want the items but you don’t want to buy anything since you only have a limited amount and instead of buying anything, you buy nothing.

So you are really, really, really picky? Got it.

The though process behind this is very simple when you play the game, especially an MMO: collecting and FOMO. It’s that simple.

Yeah its not a good thing to limit a small amount of currencies with a pretty nice selection of items for an exorbitant amount in cost.

If people want something just to have it, that’s called being a collector. Every single item I have bought, I use.

The mindset of buying a thing because there’s not enough currency to then feel like you absolutely need to use it because you could only buy that item, is crap.

Funny how putting the thing most would want lasted only 2 months. There is no way those swords would sell the way the mount would if the position was reversed.

Too many things, not enough tenders and putting a mount and a pet screws collectors even more as they already have limited spare tenders because mounts/pets are a priority to them.

Typical Blizzard, first month felt good with 2000 tenders and over 5000 rewards. Now it’s 1000 tenders and still nearly 5000 rewards. They do something that works and then nerf it to a point where it’s pointless.


I do agree some price reduction wouldn’t go a miss. Imo, 650 items should be 600, and anything 750 or over should be reduced by 100. That way I might be tempted with those recolour mounts or armor sets.

I was absolutely over the moon with the Trading Post last month, and I spent a grand total of 375 tenders. I liked the top items, I might have considered buying them if they were a little bit cheaper, but I didn’t NEED them, so I didn’t buy them.

Yes, but this system wasn’t designed with collectors in mind. Otherwise we would be able to walk away with everything each month. Like some kind of battle pass.

It’s about making a choice about what you want to have and what you would use in the future.

Honestly, I think this is a good choice for the game. It helps dampen the mentality alot of players have of “I need everything!”. But it’s just not true.

I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to get at here. It doesn’t make sense.

But if you have currency left over, you don’t need to spend it. Also if there is an item you can’t afford you can freeze it until next month.

I have 1875 Tenders + 1000 I’ll collect tomorrow. There is nothing I really want to buy.

I put the Treasure Chest in to Freeze just incase there was nothing this month. But even now I’m looking at it asking myself if I really want it (which I’m doubting).