Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

Blades of Elune? Elune is a moon goddess. Those blades have more of a nature and wood theme. Should have included some more weapons than just a one-handed sword.

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The plural of tender is tender

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i hope this is an april joke.
2nd month in a row fugly transmog as bonus reward and now something not even every class/spec can use.
great way to make trading post irrelevant.

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And how do I hop over to April??

Traveler’s log still say March with 29 days left and no new rewards at Trading Post…


wait till reset.

I like the plain sword the most.

In case you missed, the design goal of the Trading post is not to make players get more stuff in one go. It is designed to make you pay and play each month for additional stuff.

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Recolored transmog sets and mounts should not be more than half of the months allowance. The more unique transmogs can be bit more expensive like March’s treasure box. But there is no reason for Frozen Shadow to be 400 when its just Hailstorm with the Void Edge illusion.

The trading post was designed to reward you for playing the game. If they put up unique mounts/pets/transmogs, of course people want them all.

My though here is that when you have to decide on 1 item out a few others in the same price range, you feel like you now have to use it or else feel the buyers regret hitting back.

Of course im not saying “give us 10k tendies!”. There’s so many activities in the traveler’s log that you really just need to complete 4 or 5 of them to reach the monthly reward then you’re left with many more activites that does do anything.

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A bit. Should be like 1500 instead. Also, we should be able to freeze more than 1 item. Increasing it to 3 would be nice.

What exactly is in the arsenal?

It looks like a sword, it arsenal suggests it’s multiple weapons

In case you looked in the wrong direction, the design of the trading post is to have more stuff to do . Blizz didn’t make Trading Post to make people, especially collectors, specifically pick a small amount of items each month. By also having no way of knowing when the same items will be back or if they ever will. Blizz has encouraged collecting. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be as many, if any, recolors of anything.

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Having 500+ tendies extra is way better than being left with 100 extra for the next month.
Yes, having more than 1 item frozen would be a nice change.

how do you have more stuff to do with trading post?
i mean at some point u probably gotta do dungeon, m+, raid, pvp, worldquest or whatever.
so unless you just login and run circles in valdrakken you pretty much get the 1000 tender just by doing stuff you usually will be doing.

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Just to be clear. I think the Mount is well over priced. I think 750-800 for any mount.

Also if at any point I use the word “you” I mean a hypothetical person, not actually You personally (or anyone else reading this).

But I don’t think it’s a problem that you’re put in the position of do you want the mount or do you want the pet? But you can’t have both.

Because as you say, it’s about choosing a reward for playing.

If you (hypothetical person) only want them collect them and add 1 more point to your Mount/Pet collection. Then do you really need either of them? Is that even the point of the Trading post.

I think it’s great that Blizzard are encouraging players to Target the things they really want, rather than just taking everything. There is so much stuff to collect in the game already, that it will be unlikely that someone will ever be able to get it all. So hopefully a system like this will help people to decide that to target and then spend more time enjoy the game itself.

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And it was never said you will be able to get every item of a months rotation with the monthly earnable tender either.

They in fact did. Otherwise this complaint-post wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Iirc they said that items will come up in the rotation again at some point. They also give people one item slot to freeze til they buy it or exchange it with something else. No other game I play with such stores does that.

Blizzard has encouraged playing. Collecting is a complete player-driven thing/problem.

The quantity and quality of items in a video game doesn’t change the level of “I want to collect everything” some players desperately seem to need to feel like they are having fun in a game.

What others call “collectors” I call “compulsive Hoarders”.


Doing all of those things will net you the other 500 tendies left, sure.
But not if you only raid/m+/pvp etc etc


I love my collection as much as the next person, and it’s makes great goals to work towards in the game.

But they have never encouraged people to collect everything. You don’t need to have everything. And honestly the collectors who do act that way are the ones who advocate for stopping Time-limited rewards. And that just kills the enjoyment of the game for the players who do enjoy working towards those rewards.

Well said. I probably wouldn’t have put it quite like that, as I understand the joy of collecting. But I also know how to take it or leave it.

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Trash loot, I’m so disappointed. EU servers got another 4 hours untill the store resets but no point in waiting now.

Neither was it said that you can only acquire a selection of the items. Only that you can acquire new and/or unique items.

They in fact didn’t.

And yet, Blizz encourage player to collect with recolors and cosmetic only items. You have to be really damn dense to only see it at a surface level.

Ok mr self proclaimed armchair psychologist

Having your bags full of Cataclysm reagents that you might use in the future or multiple gray items that might become very rare is hoarding.
Getting tmog/mounts/pets is not.

Actually, yes they did.

Here is an interview with the Designers which they touch on it. (I don’t know the timestamp). https://www.wowhead.com/news/community-council-live-chat-the-trading-post-feb-8-2023-331386

Items are priced so you can get a selection of item, not all of them. I still think the prices are too expensive. But only need slightly adjusting.

There are always going to be people who want everything. But that is not how the system was designed. A system shouldn’t be watered down just because of greed.

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