Hop Over to the Trading Post for April!

They encourage collecting. Not anything about collecting everything. Why would there be achievements and mounts/pets/titles/tmog from them? Why did blizz change gray/white items to be transmogable? Why did they bother adding a Tauren-only totem weapon after years of people asking for it? Why add all the different covenant armor tmog?

It’s really not that hard to see that blizz wants people to collect stuff. They’d be dumb not too. If a person want’s to collect all of it, that’s their choice.

I’m (should be evident by now lol) an avid collector. Rarely see those people complain about getting time sensitive activities removed. Most of the times, it complaint on how they’re implemented. Like the trading post.

At what timestamp are they talking about this? Really curious now.

(Hilarious that the video is unlisted)

Because WoW is a cool game where there is lots to do. It just a way of rewarding players who dedicate themselves to doing so.

But encouraging collecting, isn’t saying “collect everything!”.

Ofcourse, that’s not what we’re discussing here. Collecting is a great part of the game… but it’s only part of them game.

I can’t remember the exact timestamp. But it’s not too long into the interview (I didn’t get too far as I was working whilst watching it).

But it was interesting enough to sit through anyway.

I like the cloud serpent mount, but… thats it really.

The sindorei book is awfully similar to the Sindorei book you get from that sunwell raid which i already have.

but i guess its for the better so i can save up for the mount

i will sell my Pandaren kidney for that Cloud serpent.


After having listened to the part where they answer a question about wanting all the items (around 31:42), they don’t mention prices or only wanting players to get a select few of the cosmetics and want the choices to be meaningful. Only that this is a feature that can give us cosmetics that are in their “treasure trove” just by playing the game. Though they’re “waiting” for more data to come in with how much people are spending and how much people are hoarding currency.

It looks like they underestimated the playerbase which is very odd but yet not very surprising. Blizz seems to underestimate a lot of things, including what players want. Colliding ideas and getting into a compromise is most likely what happened. Not the first time.

Seemed like they will look into it and reducing the fear of FOMO which is good. Play the game a lot and get all the stuff or play just to get exactly what you want would be a nice thing. Not a wall when people want to go further. Give a bit more than needed is better than give too little.

What do you think us collectors spend our coins on?

The ‘beauty’ of the wares is besides the point. It’s existence as a collectable is the point. :slight_smile:

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Yes, but it’s clear you’re not expected to take all of the item. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a currency at all.

I’m definitely guilty of hoarding currency. This month will be one because there is literally nothing that peaks my interest. Hopefully seeing them in game will change my mind.

I hope they do add a bit more value to our Tenders. I agree it would feel better.

But no matter how much value they add to them, there will always be someone who wants more.

As I said before, I only spent 375 Tenders in March, and I could not have asked for anymore.

How would they have done it if it weren’t a currency? By getting a thing through an activity? That would not be that much fun if an item is behind, say, a pvp activity that would take time to complete when you aren’t a pvp person. There is currency to buy the stuff you want but they underestimated how much of the stuff players want. Of course not saying that’s how it is but that’s what i’m thinking. Not the first time.

Again, its better to give players the choice to take all of them by playing the game, which is the design behind the feature at all, instead of having the choice of 5-6 cheap items or 1-2 expensive items or none if you don’t feel like spending because, again, buyers regret.

Too much than too little. Especially when its about cosmetics.

In a Battle Pass. Earn points doing activities (like we do now), and at each Checkpoint get an item.

Or in my case, over-estimated. I only spent 375 Tenders in March and I was very happy with my purchases.

So a Battle Pass is what you’re interested in.

I’m not opposed to there being a battle pass system in the game. But this isn’t a Battle Pass system. It’s a shop where you get some currency and can choose a selection of items.

I think a Battle Pass would be too much of a distraction from playing the Game. This system is better because it takes a lot less time and I can still get the items I want (except this month because there’s nothing).

But then I guess they have gone with the Trading Post because they don’t think that player should have everything.

A battle pass is what we already have, but better. No monetization to increase progress, only 5 tiers instead of 40+, each extremely easy to complete by doing 2+ activities to complete one and won’t feel like having to play full time or spend money, each tier giving the primary currency and not giving, an example for WoW, minute amount of copper/silver/gold. Monthly instead of seasonal aka months and months. So much more i can say but lets not bloat it too much

That’s great. Doesn’t represent the playerbase though as i see way more people say they have next to no tenders after buy 1 or 2 of the more appealing items.

They 100% was thinking of a battle pass for WoW. Since OW, Diablo Immortal and even Hearthstone has it and Diablo 4 will have it. Why wouldn’t they consider it for WoW too. Trading post is a very lite version of it and not monetized.

So since its very battle pass-y, they’d want you to play and earn all of it. With what they said during the interview, they wanted something to give players the amazing items the wow team has created but didn’t make it into the game and came up with the Trading Post. Why they would create it, add all the stuff they WANT players to have to then just “we want you to have these items BUT not all of it”.
It’s just very odd considering how they have handled cosmetics in the past. But i guess that’s the compromise for not monetizing it

The white opera gloves are absolutely hideous, it looks like the texture of the skin is bugged and plain white instead, it needed much more shading in the texture to make it believable.

Wow BLizzard, i guess you can fail even with a great concept like the Trading post…How sad…

Boring line up
Gonna get the pit helmet & the bucket i froze from last month.
And thats everything im interested in.

I thought the blades of elune would be glaives that would match the warden set that not just demon hunters could use. These are… well I don’t like them.

But you don’t need to have everything.

That’s the point you seem to be unable to grasp.

I appreciate that you want to have everything. But the system is designed so that you can’t and never will.

Subjective taste. :person_shrugging:t3:
Not everyone likes the same things. I’ve skipped out on most of the expensive stuff so far because it doesn’t appeal to me and just bought several cheaper items because I like more mundane transmog; I’ve never been a fan of the ‘fireworks display as shoulders’ type thing.

That’s their plan; stuff is on a rotation; they want you to still have something to buy in the future, so you’ll keep subbing.

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From a player POV:
1st month was to hype us up. good looking mogs and rewards, I genuinenly had to think and plan about spending my coins, there were rewards that felt unique. ‘‘For this stuff I would play and grind’’. Great effort by Blizz!

2nd month was good, the clown costume was fun and felt unique, rewards were a hit & miss (the plate mog is just a recolor from a paladin WoD set, 2 runs and I completed that set without spending coins). Mail set was very unique and gave the dragonflight updated armor feel. Hmm a minor drop in quality and effort put in this area but hey, it still rocks!

3rd month feels like Blizz didn’t have time for the trade post. Many rewards look like a ‘‘meh ill get it’’, rather than a ''Oeh I have to calculate my spendings!". I know theres a sales connected to this, making sure people re-sub. But Blizz, this is not the way.

Heed my warning Blizz, you’ve got a GREAT way of spending time with the trading post. If something works, upscale upscale UPSCALE! Right now you are downscaling such a fun idea.

Some idea’s:

  1. Put on a sale for a few items during the weekends or a random unannounced moment.

  2. NEW find, bring in 1 surprise item that disappears after a few days.

  3. Armor type specific short quests connected to TW that month. For example: QuestGiver1 wants you to go to TWDungeon1 to find his hammer and gloves to forge your armor. After that go to TWDungeon2 to find the special ore/cloth/leather for your new armor. Once this is all done, visit QuestGiver2 in TWDungeon3 because together we forged the greatest of armor, I cant do it without him!). - Something similar to Verigan’s Fist quest from WoW classic, but now for transmogs.

The new Quiver does not overwrite the MM bow Quiver, so you can not use Balance of power bow and new Quiver at the same time.


This is pathetic… wtf