Horde dominating Alliance

I have 90%+ wins epic bg


Right!? Horde seem to dominate Alliance, have done for years.

I know many win, I guess it’s just the luck of the draw really. I guess we end up in unlucky groups.

Impressive stats. How many games did you play recently?

If the answer is a lot, there must be some hidden matching mechanism based on honor level or something else causing me to end up in losing groups.

Then why you keep playing epic?
Just queue normal BG.

Same :grinning:

You also have 400+ honor level. You must end up in another matchmaking group.

Too much players with low gear on my team, me included. Against well geared Horde. I guess that is because the inbalance in Alliance/Horde.

Well, because I like epic BGs more…

How it is going now, I agree with you. But without the last word in your question.


Not really hard to win when you que with premades…


I think the problem is horde using merc mode to gear up and ally teams having low ilevel as a result

Every time I see a person in full 177 honour gear I cringe.

Literally just buy 200 crafted Vers gear and then spend all of that honour on something meaningful like a weapon or trinkets.

Yeah I see that a lot in the teams I end up in. 29k health n such.

Tbh we do alot of random bg etc. and we useally own as alliance. sometimes ofcourse you see a horde team walls over you but its the same on horde side. they see alliance steamroll them. we also see a lot of merc hordes but fully geared on our side. we normally join with the 3 or 4 of us for fun. but i wouldnt say we make the difference we just play objectives or go for highest kill and dmg count :stuck_out_tongue: when i was horde we had the same. alliance steamrolling all night long. its just being lucky. i do wish they would inplement a system for lower geared and max geared etc. or something like rating that you have to earn doing objectives. but then again people will abuse the system like pussie’s and stay low rated…

I was in a bg 5 min ago, 24khp Orc Monk, 30k HP Zandalari Troll mercenaries.

I hate them I’ll be honest. I hate horde players who que as alliance especially with low itemlevel.


Sure some people merc with bad gear, but theres also a fair share of mercs with good gear. I think the gear issue mostly has to do with how every mythic raiding guild has been forced to change to horde, which causes the entire pve scene with m+ and anyone who does both pve and pvp to follow. Its just a snowball making more and more “hardcore” players swap, while many casual players remain.

Removing merc would be good because it gives people an incentive to play alliance (short queues), and not so much because of horde mercs having bad gear. However to fully reverse the faction change snowball they’d have to implement a lot of other features to incentivize playing as alliance. The current path is extremely unhealthy for the game.


I don’t understand why they not make BGs and RBG fully random with teams - no fix split between Ally/Horde, because from lore POV you can already join other side as mercenary.
That would make this part of game at least:

  1. More balanced
  2. Decrease queue on horde side
  3. Increase enjoyment on ally side (no one wants to lose over and over, due to lack of sides balance)

Premade could be done only for one faction still, as it is now.

you are banned on game for a reason , I have been checking your posts for 7 months here as well just in case you violate terms of service or code of conduct so report. you premade a lot 5 full group as well while I tag it 2 other people usually. I would recommend tag it 2 to 3 people total premade lets see your winrates.


you are right . She only play in premade


Cheers this helped a lot. Doing this whenever the npc is there. I don’t mind the 15min + queues as most games are a win now :slight_smile:

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Am I banned on game, Kriegstreibr?

Then how Im playing it? :o


visit a psychologist, you need it, and stop whisping us in game.

Reported, your writings are code of conduct violation. thats months and months ago issue , blizzard gms repond surprised my friends a lot. I dont think any ban lasts more than 6 months on game when this kind of problem happens.

anyone who would rather what he did and gms respond could get in touch to me. I am sure you all would be surprised.

I was never banned a single day in game.

This guy…