Horde Druid LF New Server and Guild

Hi there,
So I like most started when launch hit and hammered the game to get to 60 and start my journey getting pre bis. However IRL issues occurring I had to step away back in December and haven’t played much since.
I am on a PVP server and I’m looking to switch to a PVE server to concentrate purely on raiding and finding a great guild and community to become apart of.

Myself I am almost 40, from East of England, Father of 2. Started playing WoW around 6 months to a year before TBC came out and have played for the most part up until WoD, then came back for Legion and quit again waiting for Classic.

I am looking for the right English PVE server to join and find a great guild, have a 60 druid who can be specced to do whatever is needed and will be lvling a Shaman/Priest once I have moved.

Any raiding sized guilds interested, please get in contact so I can arrange for my transfer, thank you all.

If you are interested mine guild is new on nethergarde keep we are welcoming everyone in our guild.

check our guild manifesto if you like

Hi there, thanks for the reply, how big is your guild so far and have you started raiding yet or still not got the numbers? Where are most people from in the guild? Very interested in finding out more though.

The had started yesterday by an idea of me and mine brother that we played both on high level guild. (last retail tier we ranked top 150 world)

For Classic we want to run a more chilled enviroment.

As you may noticed we want to raid on a schedule that no one does (from 21:30 till 24) to give opportunity for people with life obligations to enjoy the game the same as the one than can play at 20 or earlier.

We are trying to recruit and find more people fast as possible, and with the upcoming weeks we will also starts to host ZG/MC pug runs to let us know on the server.

How far away from raiding is the new guild please?

we are hosting pug runs on our scheduled raid nights. we are starting next week with ZG on tuesday 30

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