Horde Mage lf weekend progression guild

Hello there. I’m a mage player (3/10 hc) on EU Kazzak looking for a guild to progress through hc and hopefully mythic Nathria with. I am working on rotating shifts meaning I can’t always show up during weekday raids. I’d prefer a guild that progresses on weekends but I can also manage with at least a Sunday raid and some leniency over the facts that I will be missing the weekday raid 2-3 times a month and that I’ll be lagging behind compared to a guy that can afford to play 12 hours a day, as much as I wish I could. Other than raids I enjoy m+, achievement/mount farming and even some pvp with a premade group, why not? Realm transfer could be an option, faction change will NEVER be xD.

hey we raid just on saturdays atm if that would be any good to you if so i will leave my post below

Thanks for reading

Hey there! We raid Friday and Sunday and are on Kazzak. Check us out :slight_smile:


Always Sunny In Tanaris we’re looking for ranged and healers if you’re interested give us a whisper