Horde returnee with questions

Hi all!

I was a pretty active roleplayer back during the Cataclysm to end of MoP era, and back then for the Horde the prime RP spot was the Valley of Honor- most guilds hung out there between events. I’ve recently resubbed, and from my stints there, it’s a lot quieter, even during peak hours (unless peak hours have shifted, my reference is about 5 to 8 PM server time) with only about six to eight people walking around.

I understand that I chose a slightly poor time, what with the wait for 9.1 being elongated a little, but I wanted to check if there’s some new prime hangout spot, or if things are just currently quiet? Any other advice for a returnee RPer would also be appreciated! Thank you.


Whilst I am primarily an Alliance roleplayer, I know that Horde RP is mostly guild based. I know some guilds like to hang around the Valley of Honor still, but I think you would be better off finding a guild that suits your tastes.

Random walk-up RP on Horde side, does not happen as often as it does on Alliance side, unfortunately.

Its either quite empty because all the guilds are somewhere in world for some event, or quite full because they are all back. But if you want to rp on hordeside i would recomend finding a guild. If its with your Orc there i can reccomend these two, since we had some events with them in the past and they are a bunsh of cool people.
At least to my knowing they also take green Orcs and not just Maghar.

and of course the grunts

Hope to see you in game :wink:

Yep this is true


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