Hotfix July 15 -- Horrific Visions

With the weekly reset in each region, we’re going to do some difficulty tuning in Horrific Visions. We agree with player feedback that a couple of the challenging effects can be a bit too punishing. Going forward:

  • The Leaden Foot slow effect is now capped at 50% of movement speed (was 90%).
  • Split Personality clones are now spawned for 5 seconds (was 6 seconds), and its disorient effect now lasts 2 seconds (was 4 seconds).

We’ll have these listed in our next hotfixes update.


Thank god for small improvements


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It surely make it easier for alts to get their cloak upgrades, thanks!


Very good for alts, thank you!

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Can u nerf Gemsocket cost next :*)


Can we please reduce the key cost for horrific visions? I don’t even know what those effects even are, I just got back to the game and would like to get a decent attempt on 8.3 content.


Sounds like time to try that 5 masks solo run. :wink:

Do we know yet if vision related achievements and rewards are going to be removed with prepatch or Shadowlands?

People need to know asap if that’s the case, so they can plan accordingly.

Hell yea!!

Thx this is nice change

Immediate reaction was like: ah, ofc, after some of us went through the visions at their hardest they nerf them, then I remembered some people have difficulties with 5 masks partially due to their age, I have a direct example with a friend of mine, it’s all good when you’re young, but at some point reflexes start slowing down with age and I’ve always been against content that can be too hard in that sense, so why not some nerfs!

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While i somehow agree, i have to say thats bad.

Imagine if they all of suden all 70(?)+ people could play that game on same level, because it will require zero reflexes, awarnes and skill, just so its “fair” towards them. Then the game will be boring. Like realy realy boring.

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Bad change imo.

Laddenfoot is just an overall annoying madness with no difficulty attached to it, especially it proccing from forced movement stuff ( getting hit by split personality, being sheeped, feared, knocked )

Split personality wasn’t problematic at all, it was a good madness that required careful thinking, it only had two problems.

  1. There is so much purple going in that sometimes you can’t tell if you’re getting split personality or not unless you have a WA up or some external indicator to tell you about it

  2. Split personality spawns at the location you were in one second before it spawns, not the location you currently are at, which makes it annoying and a forced afk for one second madness

These changes just make laddenfoot less annoying and split personality to be essentially a non-madness since this is a huge nerf to it.

  1. No choreography to where the safe spot for split personality is.
  2. Lack of multiple openings which results in situations where you are completely stuck.

Is there any chance you might remove the cost of entering visions entirely and just let us have fun with them?

Kinda like we’re going to have in Shadowlands with Torghast?


You should have made these changes within a week of release. Doing this now just screams “out of touch”.

E for effort I suppose.


The irony! I just finished my last solo 5 mask run not even a week before this change came!

Still a good change. But just like our resident Pandaren forum priest said…too late.

How about fixing the split personality not always giving a proper visual warning in the screen before it comes up?

Agreed! No idea why we are forced into all those dailies to get to enough to enter - I like a challenge, but an access grind like this is not challenging, but a tedious chore.

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It’s because with no limits, people would spam them endlessly until they have socketed everything and farmed more echoes than they could spend.
And if they cap the rewards, why someone with a sane mind would pile on doing them outside the weekly reward cap? Masochism?

This is actually disappointing, I solo’d the 5 mask runs and while I enjoyed it the challenge was fun and felt rewarding when I did it, now its just going to be cakewalk for everyone to walk through and get 375 gear…

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