How am i supposed to play the game


Can’t get inside an MM+ Group beyond +5

Since my “R io” score is too low.

Can’t get inside an heroic Raid since i don’t have the curve of the heroic raid.

Can’t start my own groups since people see my “R io”.

What am i supposed to do ?

Can’t PvP as well since i’m not Gladiator btw.


Can’t prove that i got good if i can’t be accepted in a group.

(Zetioun) #4

You will get invited if you show the people around you how much effort you put in.


There is no one around me tho since i can’t get in a group i’d’love to show that though

(Jurgenhan) #6

There are plenty of guilds and communities you can join so that you can do mythics. Check out the forum category on here for information and join one.

As for PVP anyone can do random battlegrounds, so not sure how you can say that you cannot pvp, unless you are seeking to do rated battlegrounds, which has almost always been a club/cliquey category. You can make your own group in rated and invite people to test it out.

(Zetioun) #7

You have only done a single M+2 this season (in time) and failed at doing two M+6. At your ilvl you should at least try to get all M+ at level 2 done. Your score should be around 200. Then you try doing all M+(4). Eventually your rio score will grow.

At your current level you will never ever get invited to any 10+ groups.

If you try to join gladiator exp teams of course you won’t get invited without being gladiator exp’ed. You can work it out by playing with low exp’ed plebs to 1500. Then slowly progress to 1800 and so on. It takes a lot of time. But that is how the game works.


1500 ask for 1500

1800 ask for 1800

Low CR groups end up often empty.
there are sometimes.

I see your point, i agree, thing is +2 doesn’t give me anything that would benefit me ATM.

I certainly won’t do every dungeon in +2

I’m definitly not asking for a +10 jesus that’s way too high for me

+6 is far enough.

(Wwhelp) #9

You can find plenty of low MMR listings in LFG for arena/rbg, you really do not need to be glad if ur signing for a “LF cap” group.

Just grouping with those can get your cr to 1600-1800ish

edit: meant to say that it’s not really that cliquey, but brain was mush and mixed that and OP’s gladi req with each other. Derp.

(Zetioun) #10

It doesn’t benefit you character progression, but it proves your worth. I can do every 10 while sleeping. Yet I didn’t get invited to 10 groups at all. I completed all 7+ then I tried doing all 8+. Now I have enough rio to do a 10 every week and I don’t need to waste time trying to get in to a group. Next season I will probably be forced to do the same thing all over again even though I know all strategies and have no problem completing a 10. But I realize it is worth the effort and I understand why other players won’t invite me without enough rio.

Believe me when I am saying this. If rio didn’t exist. Finding proper groups would be much harder.

1500 is the standard rating everyone can get playing with any noob. Just play a lot and you will get it. Once you get it you push to 1600. Later you do exactly what you have written yourself 1800 rating teams ask for other 1800 rated teams. You join them push to 1900. If you fall to 1700 you ask to play with other at 1700 again. The cycle repeats over and over.

(Shwosh) #11
  1. There is no magical shortcut more than you have to work for it and earn it

  2. The easiest way is to join a guild that allows mistakes and not kicking you

  3. If you insist of pugging be very prepared by reading tactics and class, bring consumable and have top notch dps for your item level

  4. Don’t look for curve groups and expect to get carried, there are people in the same boat as you. Well actually it doesnt help to try, just don’t get disappointed when you get rejected

  5. Pretty sure you will get invited to higher than +5 keys if you just get gear from raiding or you can join a mythic+ guild

(Dreamkore) #12

Give them a firm handshake and clean your room


Exactly, you work your way up if you don’t have a high score the previous season. I had to do it at the start of this season because I didn’t do M+ the previous one and I ran everything from +2 onwards to build up early score.


Hm i indeed see your point, i’ll try even tho i despise MM+

Thanks for your advices

(Orlen) #15

Pro tip for M+.

Use your own key, +1 +2 +3 that key, use your own key again +1 +2 +3 that key, use your own key again…wait a minute I see a pattern.

Why would someone take you to a +10 where you could be a liability on there key if you won’t improve your own key?

As for Raiding…well don’t apply to groups that ask for curve…It’s their choice to set that requirement and most will fall apart long before they get to Jaina.


There is a post (probably multiple) complaining about how the ilvl increases in WQ/Emissary rewards is going to have a negative impact on player mentality with regards to M+ which is not receiving any ilvl buff to it’s rewards.

Your post I think is a clear example of how they are right. You don’t wish to actually progress through lower keys because your ilvl is high enough so the loot doesn’t matter to you anymore. That sentiment defeats the whole message behind M+ I’d say. It’s called pushing keys for a reason, instead of jumping keys. You do it 1-2 levels at a time unless you have friends boosting you.

Next thing we know you’re going to complain why timing your +2 key doesn’t reward you with a +6 key to run next just because that’s where your next ilvl upgrade would be from.

Do you see where you’re going wrong with this?


Ask irl friends to help you, that the best way to get access to various content, at least mythics or arena.


Same here. But i’ve joined discord community FailTrain. It is friendly raid/M+ people helping each other, not looking at rio. But! That does not mean you should not put effort. I suggest you to try it


up your rio score or join a community


Well jesus i would be glad to bring my IRL friend to the game but they’re all LoL fanatics.

Yup i see your point as i posted earlier, i have a leftover +4 key i’ll try pushing it.

(Kraivanah) #21

You are playing a multiplayer game without friends?

Erm… How should I tell this to you…?

(insert I feel your pain, bro meme)