How am i supposed to play the game

(Dappysham) #22

Leave like I did… no point trying to argue against Rio… people seem to worship the code it came from.

(Orlen) #23

Rio shows more than a score though, always has.

Sure you can look at the score and think hmmm maybe not.

Or you can look at the specific dungeon, have they done it on time, or have they done it at all?
I personally have no issues taking someone that’s done a +10 and failed the timer , I’d prefer that over someone that’s not even done a +10 of that dungeon.

The crucial factor there is that player knows what to expect and what is to come in a 10+ key. meaning I don’t have to baby the player through it when I’m tanking…I don’t have that much free time to push keys the way I would like so I play to an ok level instead.

(Dappysham) #24

I’m not here to argue, debate over this 3rd party site. Sorry.

(Orlen) #25

No no I get that, I was pointing out that it helps if you use it right. The score is the result of a team effort anyway and is only a reflection of what you could be capable of in the right group. that’s my opinion of it anyway.

(Hínáta) #26

World quests :3

(Leíá) #27

I don’t want to appear rude or anything, but why not make your own group for Mythic+

(Sinaaki) #28

I would focus on building up your own key and score, do the m+ for the challenge and fun and not for the loot. Try and find guild or community so u dont have to pug. Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


blizzard is planning to implement similar system in 9.0 or so :))

(Hínáta) #30

Heard it would have better functionality in filtering boosted players, the joy! these threads will double or even triple in numbers now! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

(Dappysham) #31

Good for them.


I mean, i cant see anything wrong with seeing who did what :smiley:


Sometimes i feel extremely happy that i don’t give a damn about for the “high end” content.

It all seems so stressful to me.


Join a community… or start one. This will allow you to be with players from all realms.

(Hínáta) #35

LFM +10, must have 1k + score and also must have 90% performance or more on average!


Make it so that you have to show you University diploma’s and I’d and birth certificate and ambassador’s papers while we are at it I mean really now.:joy:


Same. If Blizzard wasn’t forcing me to do it to progress past 375 iLvl I would never touch m+ .

I do my one run a week and call it good. That is how much I hate interacting with these people. I would rather not have gear.

Dire times indeed.


You mean like the dedicated m+ page on warcraftlogs, which shows your perf, historical and average?

(Hínáta) #39

O.o that’s cool, does it show you dps, damage taken, unavoidable damage taken etc etc?


I don’t believe so, sorry.

That’s however seems familiar. Saw that kind of data printed in instance chat by some add-on during one dungeon, smth like “Uber elitist pro helper”?

(Hínáta) #41

elitism helper, I use that already, love it!