How am i supposed to play the game


was doing 3k DPS in dungeon wih my 419 ilvl gear and someone told me im bad

THOSE ELITITS :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


This is M+ Dungeons today i wanted to add this here video from Mega64 these guys predicted the future for some games with their funny sketches and skits.


It means that you are really and idiot. You ask what you are supposed to do? Really? Are you really sure you should be playing this particular MMORPG? You can do Warfronts, PvP weekly cap, WQs and you need what more? I feel like the more developers prune and simplify the game, the more stupid mainstream gets. Disgusting and sad…


Oooh Edgy.

Read the post now.


You dont have to be Glad to join an RBG group .
A low/average 1.9-2k exp will get you into a non ape/decent group.

To me , PvE is pure garbage and cancer , i dont even run LFR to check the content so i cant give you any helpful advice.Its fine if you skip both LFR/Mythic/HC raids

If you have 0 PvP exp , try get into a newb group , form a bond with your mates , get a working mic and eventually you will ding 2k which will open you more ‘‘doors’’ in the future


Well, the easiest way, is just to do those low keys, get some score from them and move on up from there. When doing m+ on alts, I tend to start with a +2. that usually turns into a +4/5, and more often than not, the same group keeps on trucking to around +8s (depending on gear). This is a good way to get scores up fast, and then getting into +10s becomes much easier, especially if you can make some Bnet friends along the way. I agree its a bit boring that you cant benefit gearwise from it, but in a while, if you keep on, you will have the same issue on the other end of the scale (as loot caps at +10).

As for Curve and pug, well… its a tad frustrating for many, but there are also groups that try to go for “progress” in a way, but its gonna be a lot harder getting into one shot groups than those. (Here ilvl also helps a bunch, just be prepared for a lot of frustrating moments, as coordination in a pug enviroment can be a bit, ehn… lacking to put it politely.
All in all, remember that even the 2k+ RIO guys started the season with a blank score, and worked the score up, so there is nothing stopping you from the same. I do recomend finding likeminded people in a community or guild, makes the entire thing 10x faster.

I dont really PVP. so no clue about that one.


The fact that RaiderIO (and even Curve Achievements) artificially block progression to higher content for some players is really problematic.

I will always hate RaiderIO because it has far too great an influence over which players can get into what groups. This is ludicrous coming from 3rd Party Add-on!

RaiderIO and Curve Achievements create toxic paradoxical barricades for those who want to progress. You need the score to get the score. You need to have completed the raid already to get into the raid.

While WoW is a social MMO, you shouldnt be forced to join a guild and make friends. That just ruins the entire aim for doing so. You shouldn’t be friends because you have to but because you want to.

There should be more ways of being able to join public groups without being forced to join guilds that you don’t want to.

While I love being social, I understa d that some people aren’t. They don’t want a guild commitment. They don’t want to get bogged down in introductions and settling in and needlessly socialising just to get into a raid or key that they originally wanted.

It sucks if you join a guild and it isn’t raid night or else no one is on / wants to do a key.

The progression paradox, its a toxic system that the community has developed because of these two influences. One of them wasnt meant to have an influence (Curve) while the other has absolutely no right to influence as it does (RaiderIO).

We should bring back firm in-game checkpoints and thresholds based on what people can achieve in Proving Grounds or the like. Not a system based on stupid paradox.


Its going to get even worse with blizzard making there own IO addon.

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Yes, these 3rd party websites get used a lot when creating a group, but, tell me, what way in game do people have that shows you’re capable of doing the content? Ilvl means nothing, since people who don’t even step out of LFR and have never done a single Mythic dungeon are sat between 390-400 ilvl (Gonna be worse next week when the rewards all get boosted).

My advice would be to never join Heroic raids that ask for Curve, because 9/10 times it’s just made by someone who wants to be carried. But, at the same time, at this point, most people who have curve see it as just “farm”.

This statement makes no sense to me. “I know that it’s a massively multiplayer online game, but why should I have to do the multiplayer side to do the harder content!” If you just play as a solo player in an MMO, you should know you have limitations. Yes, there is pugging, but, in the pugging world, you have to show your worth. When people make a key, they can have 20+ people signing up for the same role, and so they choose those with the best experience, to make the run smoother (Especially those who want to push).

There is a way, it’s a very very simple way. Want to hear it? MAKE YOUR OWN GROUP! Magic that. You can just go into the LFG tool, and make your own! Weird that! Then, you can find whatever type of people you want too and put your own restrictions on it! You sound like you expect people to give you special privilege, but, why should they? Why should YOU be the special one, when 10-15+ more people are also signing up for the same groups?

And this is where creating your own groups could help. That way, you can push your own keys, or do your own raids. The sad thing is, the BEST way to get any end game content done is through guilds/communities, because it builds that bond between players. I can happily run M+ or Heroic raids with my guild (And I am very anti-social due to reasons) because I know how most of them play, I get on with most of them, and it’s fun, even if we’re wiping constantly.

But, this “paradox” was created due to all the free welfare gear that’s given. As I said, ilvl is useless as an indicator now. Proof of that is us 2. You’re 6 ilvls above me, and yet I’ve got a lot more experience in BoD than you do. This isn’t me saying you’re bad, since I’ve been lucky enough to get a guild that allowed me to join them in raiding. But, those 6 ilvl differences comes from your M+'s.

The last time they hid content behind a proving ground, they got nothing but backlash for it, because around 70% of the playerbase couldn’t complete it. Back in WoD, when they hid heroic dungeons behind it. This, again, will make it more difficult for people.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a +5 group asking for Rio, so you can get yourself to 500 score there, which will then get you into +6’s and +7’s, and so on and so on. It’s called “working for it”, not expecting to jump into the higher things right away (Unless you’re in a guild).

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People play game for fun and taking break in irl. If they have to put effort like irl - I dont see point of having fun.

Most player expect log into game do content what they wanna do and log off. May be in teenage some players have more time to spend in game so they kinda bragging about requirements of getting into group.

Time and effort requirement in game has been increased as expansion goes on. It should be decrease if game has to survive for long time.

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Raider IO is a good system in my opinion.
It allows you to track how much content you’ve done and at what difficulty easily.
Raiding has always been easy to track because you can just say ‘‘Link curve’’
If Blizzard added in achivements for every +1,+2,+3,+4… all the way to like +20 of every single dungeon then we wouldnt need RIO because they could just say in their group on the group finder ‘‘Looking for more Freehold +10 link +10 achievement’’

Blizzard has already said they are trying to implement their own version of raider io into the game to track M+ progress so people dont have to use a third party site but dont expect the tracking of your stats to go away.

M+ was never designed as a PUG group style of gameplay, it was always supposed to be the 5-man equivalent of raiding but since a +10 is never ‘‘not’’ current content it is always going to be tuned and built around an organised group.

You have 2-3 options really:

  1. You grind out the group finder, slowly climbing each dungeon to a +10
  2. Pay someone to carry you through a couple of +10s
  3. Find a guild or community that doesnt care about previous experience

Getting carried might seem nice but there are ways to tell if someone is boosted on RIO or not, Preach did a series on exactly this in Legion where he pugged his way to curve in tomb i think it was, goes to show that if you just grind out the group finder eventually you’ll get there


Group finder
Premade groups
start group
type key level
select dungeon from drop down box
open the group

what’s raider io???


No one is forcing you, but as in any other group activity, having a set group of people working towards the same goal will be more efficient than not doing so.
I used to dislike m+, but in my slow moving HM guild some people were nice enough to drag me into it, and now its my favorite activity in wow.

On some Toons I grinded RIO score the hard way (3 days worth of dungeons), and I never had an issue with low RIO score beeing a hindrance before hitting +10s, before that noone even cared. After I remembered to link my main to my alts RIO score, even less of an issue.

You will have to do a few dungeons where yo u cant get any beneficial loot tho, but that happens on the other side of +10s as well, as loot in BFA/modern wow is a rather diffuse thing compared to the old days when BiS was a thing.

To be fair, if RIO was not a thing, people would just check your armory page, it lists the very same thing. RIO just puts that number out there in a way that you dont have to search for every aplicant separately.

The paradox you keep talking about, I dont really think it exists., but I can see how it is percived that way. You probably wont get into one shot groups without curve, but there is serveral groupe on groupfinder this very moment, that do not require curve.
Will you need more patience and time to get Jaina down this way, then with a guild group/full curved re-clear group. Absololutelty. Is it impossible or even hard, dpending on your server or the timeframe you play, maybe.

Your ingame checkpoints and thresholds are kinda what RIO displays, maybe in a format you dont like, but you can get the same info using only blizzard sources.

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