How broken would it be if alliance had shaman and horde had pally?

Or would it not really matter at all?

If there is a classic+ with minor alterations, being able to be a shaman would be nice.

But idk might break the game?

I would like to be a shaman without abandoning my friends

I mean it would literally be the same balance as it is now, thats like saying how much money would i have if i have a dollar and you have a dollar and we trade our dollars.


If they do Classic+ they could give Taurens the Paladin class and Dwarfs the Shaman class.


That would be great, in Wrath I don’t like my Ally shaman to have tail.

I wouldnt mind a classic where they add dreaneis/blood elfs and their zones/cities. Not outland and TBC ofc. Just classic with draeneis and BE lol


I don’t think he means swap… I think he means shamans added to the alliance while keeping paladins and vice versa for horde.
So you’d be able to use a shaman’s WF to pump on your warrior and have to worry less about threat thanks to pala blessings.
It’d buff both factions. How big idk.

Having paladins only on Alliance and shamans only on Horde is a + for me compared to any other WoW version. Lore, history, and all those things, you know?

In summary, it already is WoW+.


Only Alliance had paladins in original RTS games. It’s simply an Alliance class and is iconic in terms of Alliance lore. That’s how Azeroth works. Every change that goes against the lore takes something away from the immersion.


The same can be said about druids - I don’t remember Horde druids in the RTS games.


Tauren is the anagram of Nature though. It’s in the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you want to go that way, I don’t remember night elf druids having female members or priests having male members in the RTS either. I also don’t remember alliance races having warlocks either.


Medivh was described as a warlock in I think warcraft 1.


I think you are right, NE is kinda “traditional” with their gender roles.

Warriors, hunters and priest were female only, while their druids are male only.
Although there weren’t a direct “rogue” like unit in wc3 for NE, I’ll still say females rogues would be the most logical.

Illidan is the only exception in terms of male NE warriors as far as I remember. But he eventually became a DH, so what do I know :upside_down_face:

Nah, he was a mage before he became a DH. He tried to become a druid but he failed, so he decided to become a sorcerer.

But that was before the sundering, when the night elf society was different. Back then male night elves were warriors and druids and females were priests.

Cataclysm retconned the druid part a bit, but I don’t acknowledge any lore changes that happened after Classic, because we’re in the permanent Classic Era. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn dude, I just bought the Wow Chronicles, gotta get my lore knowledge straight! :grin:

Makes sence on this forum.
Tbh all in all, I have a hard time seeing anything after Wrath as cannon.

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That lore is not even correct in retail anymore, apparently its written from something like the titans point of view and they are lying a lot in retail xD

Before that I rather would have TBC mechanics with Blood Elves and Draenei but with the gate keeping locked so it would not go beyond pre-patch stand.

I would have loved it if warlocks were horde only and mages alliance only. Not that I would care for it to be changed now but if it was that way from the start it would have fit with lore while also making the horde and alliance experience more different.


Yes it matters, cause those classes being faction locked is highly important for faction identity.

When TBC made the classes available to both sides, it did permanent damage to the games character. They literally only did it to be able to balance things more easily and crank out “expansions” faster, according to their lazy formula.

Another absolutely terrible idea.


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That would be making the same mistake twice. The appeal of both the Shaman and Paladin classes was that they were unique to each faction. What I would do in Classic+ is to keep those classes as unique and, in addition, add two more classes, thus increasing the asymmetry between factions. And of course, no elves in the Horde this time.

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AMEN. I disagree about ever adding more classes to the game, because it just makes balancing even more difficult, but Blood Elves shouldve never been added to the Horde.

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