How can I do my +10 weekly?


All the pugs I apply to decline me and no one applies to my +14 key.

(Varileztra) #2

Make your +14 into a +10 and dont set your requirements astronomical.
find friends.

Anyway, i will rpess a big fat DOUBT button on this one, if your m+ - spec is tank.


I’m DPS, I saw a DH tank do well in a FH but I’m not sure about that. I haven’t seen DH tanks in m+ and we used one for EP as a last resort, but it was for normal mode.

(Elaynne) #4

My grp uses DH tank for 15s and we have no issues.

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As a dps, your rio score and ilvl is nothing special at this stage. Despite a solid record, not having score on sethraliss and shrine will easily cost you a decline.

Plus a 14 keys does not mean instant interest, could be a crappy key for the week.
I got a waycrest 13 and this week i’m not touching it, not even to move it inside bags.

(Varileztra) #6

And that’s where you are going wrong.

It does not matter, what kind of tank you bring for a +10 - +15. That stuff only becomes important on the very high end keys and in the mdi.
If you went by the best comp, nobody but prot warr outlaw rogues would find m+ dungeons

(Dappysham) #7

Pay 4 people to boost you or grind out months of keys to get a good Rio score.

Basically pay close to 1m gold or grind for a number which people in this game seems to worship.

Wow I’m a nutshell 2019.

(Elaynne) #8

Wow for lazy people in a nutshell you mean?

(Bubasparks) #9

just write you dont need to time your key, and ppl will join :smiley:

(Dappysham) #10

I used to love M+ untill it because a complete elite fest thanks to rio. Never will play retail again, M+ with Rio ruined it for me.

My opinion, no one has to like it.

(Elaynne) #11

Whats the problem with rio? Its perfect tool for tracking progress and helps with pugging.

(Dappysham) #12

Not getting into it. Sorry.

(Deztru) #13

You’re a DH dps at 432 ilvl I’m calling BS not getting into 10’s

(Elaynne) #14

Well, thats fair. But there is no reason to tell people that their only hope is to buy boosts because of your bad experiences. There are plenty of communities who run m+. A lot of discords too. Most heroic and mythic guilds are willing to run keys. And raiderio score is easy to build if you just put effort into it.

(Hinklink) #15

You can come with us on a round or so. We dont have a tank yet so making it in time kinda depends on what type of pug tank we get :joy:.

Got +12 freehold and +11 kings

(Hinklink) #16

I’m not sure if it get it. I get into +10 groups just fine and i have my rio score private. As i skipped all of bfa it was 0 now 800 or something i’m working on it. Though in legion we did +15’s and even +9s without a healer with guild group. That guild died so now working my way up again, it’s not that hard?

I did like the dungeons more in legion, they”re all a headache now.

(Dappysham) #17

II had no issue doing high level mythic + in legion… that’s all I ever used to do…

I didn’t even know Rio was a thing until BFA and that’s when I started getting /w from people saying get gud, your Rio sucks, no ect…

I didn’t even know what it was and then found out…

Edit. People seemed to think making your own group or joining a community helped. No. No it didn’t.

I don’t like it, simple.

(Hinklink) #18

Aa, well that has not been my experience, but I also dislike it. However I also like it. The fact we can’t kill 4th boss enternal palace with all 8/8h pugs says it all. People are very terrible at this game, they all get carried, they don’t even know basic fight tactics. Rio is not a fantastic way to judge people therefore but it’s better than ilvl which is 100% useless.


This is a case of perception. People are really beginning to believe that only certain classes and specs are viable due to MDI etc whereas any class/spec with the right gear and a good player behind it is more than capable of +15 and beyond. Its only at the bleeding edge where class factors start to come into play.

(Cooperdk) #20

Any tank right now is pretty good excpet blood dk.