How can I do my +10 weekly?

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Depends what content you are doing, our team has a blood dk and she manages fine. Granted we aren’t pushing hard or anything so we don’t care about having a meta set up :wink:


+10-15 keys - matter of player skill and basic knowledge
high end keys - matter of player skill and the classes they are playing

Only bad players are crying about rio, if u are decent, you won’t give two f’s about it. Sorry but this is the sad truth.


Because people care more about overall score rather than current dungeon ect, it gets used wrong in short terms, for example people care more that you have 1000 score for a +10 rather than if you’ve done it on a +10 or higher, i have 600-700 score on most chars, and the ones i que for is +11-+13 in time from before and i still get declined because of my overall score :confused:

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I haven’t met people who use it that way. Things people look at are: Overall score, number of 10+ dungeons completed, check which was highest lvl of dungeon that they signed up for they completed. Also its good for PUG raids to check when person got curve, how many clears they have.


Then you have been lucky my friend


You gotta hate yourself enough and be willing to be part of the problem by using raider io, most likely.


as a healer resubbing without any friends I had no problem climbing up the rio score, and it actually boosted my motivation alot. I just started very low @ +6 keys and then just worked my way up, now currently at around 1380 score or something. Without rio I dont think I would enjoy m+ dungeons as much as I am doing right now.

I made sure to add the players that I thought stood out in the group, skillwise and make a note to their name describing their class and role.

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Good question!

I have a hard time getting into a +10 on my alts as 2k rio on main. :slight_smile:


This is why i play with friends

You expect me to get 1K score on 7 different characters just so i can get a +10 weekly? Lul

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So run your own key on all 7 chars? Nobody expects anything from anyone.

OP Id love to know what timeframe you are talking about here. It takes me a few minutes when I put my key up on my Warlock to get a full team, for reference.

On my tank its way faster ofc


No, my friends always have atleast 1 +10 key, 9 at lowest but then i push it +1 on my main then come on an alt ( repeat this if someone depletes your key when pugging ) we often pug 1 or 2 people


Most pug groups only want the "best of the best"or in other words those with a high RIO score combined with being a meta class are at the front of the line. You do find those who aren’t as picky but they’re rarer to come by.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to secure your run but doing it exactly like this is what causes the resentment from those who don’t get invited.

Doing your own/guidie’s/friend’s keys can be a solution but that always isn’t available at the time you’re looking to do a key. Another is joining one of the communities for keystones.


But you expect me to take a strangers alt i have no idea if he can play it to MY key


No, but i can link my main on raiderio and that should honestly be enough for a 10

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Not your call though. Other people chose how they play, not you.




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KStrange you say that but check how many times I killed raid bosses in HFC when Rio wasn’t a thing… I created a random pug every reset first thing in the morning, if people screwed up, I replaced. We one shot 99% of the time.

This is the thing… this is why WoW retail is complete a$$ now, you all rely on addons or 3rd party sites to play for you… no patience anymore just RUSH RUSH RUSH.

It’s an MMO, if you don’t enjoy failing once in a while then you clearly have never played it correctly as that’s the whole point.

No communication just “checks website, oh 1k Rio, he’s good let’s go”

Pathetic. Boring and sad. Glorified coop RPG now…


Before RIO, there was GearScore. Before GearScore, there was “link achiv”. Before “link achiv”, there was “link logs”, etc. From pretty much day one, people found a way to reduce others to a number in an attempt to get an overgeared group to rush through content.

There’s also a difference between failing once in a while and hugging volcanos, soaking cleaves, having no idea about what an interrupt is. I don’t mind people failing once in a while - I do my fair share of failing too. But a dungeon taking more than an hour and a half (when it should be clearable in 30 minutes) is not something I enjoy very much.

With that said, I’m not a big fan of RIO, but it beats gearscore and ilevel checks.

Yeah, replacing in m+10 isn’t all that easy. It’s time consuming, and unlike a raid, it isn’t supposed to take hours.


how can you be one shotting if you had to replace people???

just saying but replacing people for 1 time screwing up is actually what makes this game so garbage nowadays. You are probably one of those monkeys that require curve for normal raid and 440 ilvl for invite.
Makes it actually not better than RIO

no time nowadays for communication and forming a group for 2h just for it having to fall apart after 2 wipes. So the addon is much appreciated.
I formed ICC 25 groups back in the day and it look forever and need to gear and achievement check in dalaran… so even without rio it was more or less the same, just took longer and was less good

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You can’t do it, better stop trying asap.