How can I do my +10 weekly?


Spec tank and you will be always invited. But if you get rejected as a tank then there is another 50+ groups that are waiting for YOU.


You need to build your rio score, start by doing every dungeon as +5 and then just do every dungeon +7 and so on

After some grinding you can do every dungeon +10


Get a good guild and do it with them.

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Why? Rio is a pure indication of your experience. Thanks to it I avoid playing with some incompetent players. Now we can see what keys a person broke and what keys were in time.

I would rather take 430 healer with timed 13 keys, than a 440 healer with 0 rio or broken 11 keys. Experience is not itemlvl.


This always works :smiley: no pressure, please don’t leave, don’t get mad, i just want to kill last boss :smiley:


Of course you do that. Nobody is denying that is the least risk.
But you have no idea the people you decline are incompetent. You just don’t know. Also you don’t know who were breaking those +11 keys. Especially the healer has not that much influence on making or breaking the timers, with no interrupt, no bolstering/bursting/raging/necrotic/etc. handling options. For a healer a +10 can be so much harder than a +15…

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You don’t, but the chances are the guy with more experience is a safer bet.


That is exactly how I started my post :+1:

But my first +10 was a +14 and I also timed it :smile: I ended with like 550 total score season 2 on this char, with including that +14. Of course the run was played with friends otherwise I never got in the group, but people can hardly call other people “incompetent” for not having a rio-score.


Depends on the healer. As a monk, my ring is quite helpful for necrotic, and any other affix that can be countered with a bit of kiting. As a healer, keeping the group alive despite the inevitable mistakes (theirs and one’s own) can often mean the difference between timing and depleting a key. I depleted a number of keys due to my own mistakes, but also saved a good number of keys by using my tools to their full extent: there’s ring, burst of life, essence font and its HoT, revive, leg sweep, paralysis, taunt, roll and teleport - plenty of tools. I’m pretty sure the other healer classes have their utility spells in their arsenal too.

We contribute way more than raw healing.

Haven’t done a 15 yet, but the difference between 9 and 10 is so much bigger than between 10 and 11…


Sir, with all respect but you and everybody knows what the message of my post was. But i can do something in this particular situation does not change the truth in it.
And i did up to +18’s (Not timed though but also non of the meta classes in the group, highest this season is a +15). I do know also a little bit what utility classes have.

In legion we did 3 heals and a player was topped. THERE we carried. Here we do 50k hps (or 85k groupwide) in a +7 and also do that in a +18. And then you notice the tank has 600k HP. The only difference is the other players.


A bad healer can break an otherwise good group. A good healer can do a lot to save a not particularly good one. The healer has as much influence on the success of the group as anyone else.

I’ve seen more DPS get carried than healers, when two of the DPSers were doing the vast majority of the damage, while the third was… not quite up to the task. Should we assert that DPS has not that much influence on making or breaking the timers, since there’s two others who can easily carry them? I don’t think so. So why do the same about healers?

Thing is, everyone can be carried, and a high rio score in itself means nothing, whether you’re a tank, a dps, or a healer. And yes, declining some may result in not playing with someone awesome. There’s no perfect system.


Best bet is to joina friendly casual guild(specifically ones that use discord, get to know each other, be in voice chat etc, if you want to. Its optionial offcourse but its jsut advice)

Alot of these guilds have high ilvl players in them while not taking the game all to serious imho.

Thats how I do my weeklie +10.

Sometimes we do need to pug a tank or healer incase the higher ilvls dont want to do it at that moment but thats all fine by me.


The others in the group have a lot more influence. I can assure you that when you get to +15’s it is getting easier instead of harder than the +11’s you do now. You actually get time to do damage, better pulls, better bolstering/busting/explosive/raging/necrotic etc handling.

I just pugged an Atal 10 on this char and there were freaking 3 players who got eaten by rezan.


Stop pugging and take a week or two to find a guild and community/communities that can help you with keystones.

…probably sounds flippant, but I’m sorry, it is the truth. Failing to engage in the social aspect of WoW is ignoring the fact that it’s a social game. It gets much better once you have a group of people who’ve all run dungeons before and who trust each other to not be nubs.

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99 isn’t 100 is it?


I wouldn’t apply either if your rio is below 1300, grind some rio score and ppl will join.


You don’t have to join a guild or community to be social lol


This is the answer to everyone who says “use your own key”. You just get no one since you are too low rio for your own key.


Better do my weekly for me.

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I know what you mean, but it’s not that absolute.

I played my own key two days ago, I don’t do that often, it was ml 10 and the score had shown I haven’t healed a 10 ever.
It was actually my first 10 key and I wanted to time it so I was really picky.

Applications: rogue with 1700ish score in grp with warlock at 700 score but with a remark that his main is a tank at 2k. That’s a pass that gets in my grp any day.
Last one was the priest, he applied with “i carry dps” which is a good thing because I probably would have missed his application among the 30 others. He had almost 41k overall dps at the end of the run. We did a +2.