How can the walljumps in WSG still be allowed, while you get a 7 day ban for climbing the stormwind wall?

You seem just like a bad player who need exploits to gain an advantage. That’s ok.

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L2p issue gitgud u snowflakes

I am not sure if you are aware of the problem or if you have understood the situation correctly. Therefore I made a little painting for you for a better understanding:

You cannot hit a gnome if he is in this pit while the caster is outside of that.
How isn’t that not “exploiting” terrain for your own advantages in PvP situations just because you have that certain race?

Arena are quite easy compared to BGs if you are doing it professionally, so running in the pit won’t be a big problem. But in BGs you have to get skilled. You have to know the maps you are playing on and you are free to use every advantage your race has to offer.

No one is asking Blizzard for bigger hit boxes of gnomes to land mouseover macros more easily. I wonder why.

And of course you will find spots in a BGs which cannot be reached by all casual player. It may take years to perfect your run through to do it in a stress situation while you are carrying the flag. if 19 people are watching you. Doing it anyway is skill.

How is that unfair? You are free to do the same. But most people cannot and that’s why they call it “exploit”
But there are some shocking breaking news: The game is 17 years old. If it is not fixed by now, its a feature and not an exploit.

This sounds a little bit like “you are just a bad player who has to kill me first to get an advantage”
How about you just learn how to move before you ask yourself the question what skill really is?

Except most people can’t do it the same it’s unique to specific character models. There’s nothing to get gud about you could practice it forever & still couldn’t run directly up the wall unless you play a specific class/female combo.

You obviously like these kind of terrain exploits, so nothing anyone says is going to change your mind. Bye

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Because the devs are rapists mate, they have no time to work on 15 year old game.

This is true.

Blizzard used to function back in the day by having a huge team of Game Masters and excellent customer service who would look into it. I used to do some of the shady wall jumps in WSG back in vanilla like getting up on the saw or getting up on top of the Alliance base behind the flag spot and I did get GM’s whispering me to telling me to get down.

That doesn’t happen anymore since Activision took over and realised they could save money by sacking the majority of their GM’s and making everything automated so now you can get someone a ban if enough people report them. You can grief players by reporting their name as offensive - I had this happen in Classic when I played in a twink team and we’d stomp nearly every Alliance pre made and some reported my name as offensive which would cause a DC and caused me to have to rename my character. All automated.

Once again it isn’t skill though - it’s just practice. You do it often enough and you learn the angles to do the jump from and you can do it with your eyes closed at that point - anyone can learn it. The skillful players just learn faster is all and some players do not want to do it as they consider it an exploit I can respect that as I don’t like using the jumps either but I learnt them just so I’m not at a disadvantage.

Just to clarify I’m talking about wall jumps not tunnel jumps, tunnel jumps are fine.

Yo. Sir.
Can you explain it a little bit more? In my opinion skill is the result of practice. And time spent for doing this things is complete irrelevant.

“oh sorry mr black belt. I know that you can crush me any time but look back when you had still an orange belt. You had yours with 16 while i had mine with 14 and then i stopped. You are not skilled anyway because I just stopped my training and you went into hardcore monk trainingscamp for practice. But my skill > your skill and knowledge”

Sounds stupid, right?

What do you think about Mike Tyson?
Did he exploit his body chemistry to be a grown up man with an age of 14? Should he get banned for this?

The way I see skill and talent is being able to do something others cannot or as efficiently even with practice. Do you think everyone could achieve what Mike Tyson has achieved in boxing if they just trained from an early age and dedicated themselves to boxing? No.

Can anyone become a Grand master of Magnus Carlsens calibre just by playing a lot of chess? No - you can practice chess all your life and still never reach GM yet alone be ranked the best in the world.

If someone plays football from an early age and practices a lot does that mean they would be able to reach the level of Lionel Messi or make it as a pro? No.

Doing these jumps is just learning the angles at which to jump like I said which anyone can learn.

It seems like you believe that every one who do not archive rank1 in something is unskilled.

And “skill” is something which is given by god by birth.

So you can be your countries master in cheese but if you loose to madive in karazhan oder magnus you are unskilled.

If its given by god and mike Tyson absues his body to get rank1 its skill.
But if some random player choses a female body type without RNG but because of knowledge its an exploit.

Being smart=exploit
Not being rank1=unskilled.

Is that what you mean?

No I was just using the example you gave me as you mentioned Tyson who was at the top of his profession during his time. When a gamer mentions being skilled they generally have the attitude that they are a special little snowflake that can do what others cannot - taking on multiple players in PvP and coming out on top I’d class as skill - learning an angle at which to jump - not so much.

The main thing to take away is that anyone can learn these jumps if they want too it’s just learning the angle at which to jump. As I said many players DO NOT want to learn because they consider them an exploit or cheating not to mention the fact you have to waste time during a game to learn them while your team plays with 9 players. Would you consider players skilled in Wailing Caverns because they can jump across the gap?

If that’s the case I’m the Mr Miagi of WC jumping.

Learning implies that you were not able to do that trick before. So basically you say its skill and you are right. Noone says that its hard to learn compared to getting rank1 in X as there is no real competition in jumping walls. There is no winner. Just people who can and people who cannot.

There is no royal rumble where only the best of all wins and deserve the term “skilled”.

Skill is the result of learning and practice.
Some “skilled” moves take learning and practice and some abilities/skill are not hard to learn.

So using the terrain in a smart way because you learned the path is indeed skill.
Choosing the right race in character selection because you know what you are able to do with that race is indeed skill.

Being good in boxing is indeed skill.
Being better then everyone else in boxing sometimes takes more then practice and learning but also some nature gifts.

Football, boxing, smash bros, yugioh.
We are seeing a trend that trying to win do not win tournaments.
You win tournaments by maxing out defensive and to try to never loose. If you are on the knocked out one you loose 10sec after that. If you just wait for the " lucky" punch you always have a chance to win.
That’s playstyle seems to be lame, but its totally fine and legit.

Terrain exploiting has always been a bannable offense.

Imagine trying so hard to defend cheating, kinda says enough about what a person you are. Don’t come crying on the forums when you get a banhammer, but perhaps you should so we can all have a laugh.

How do you know that this is cheating? As its stated in the theard head line: its allowed?

Ok Mr Freud. How about we don’t get personal otherwise I have to make some thoughts why you have to make it personal. Thank you!

the report ban system is automated; people getting banned doesn’t mean anything.

the jumps are much toned down compared to vanilla and classic. The ones that remain are fairly easy and doable for all classes with two exceptions that i can think of.

It is the one element that keeps WSG from being a boring slugfest. It also allows to differentiate a good FC from a decnt and mediocre one. Something you can practice and get good at. having the jumps and no auto-FC radar to me is a defnining element of Classic

I am pretty sure Blizz intended it that way, considering that they blocked off all safe spots and the more difficult jumps

Maybe you should get good, and not use an exploit that is usable by only one race eh?

quite a few blizzard likely wasn’t even aware of as they were only recently found by the community, like alliance jump from ramp to banana

all of them were unintentional. what imam saying is that as they get uncovered, Blizz can decide to block or keep. they have kept the ones i was talking about for SoM so i assume this is intentional.

the ally glitch to banana is a good example of an exploit imo. see if it gets fixed too. not aware of any others like these at this point. more will be found though i am sure

I can confirm that I got a suspension in Vanilla for wall jumping with the flag in WSG to get to a section on the base roof.

Trying to. Training every day to get spots noobs cannot get to. Getting better everyday. other people don’t as they like to abuse the report system.
I also donot get your logic behind races. Is playing orc exploiting because they take advantages of their stunresistence? Playing a race is no exploiting at all.

Once i got banned for saying “deadful” for 3 days. If you get banned its because some players want you to be banned. 5 paid accounts handeld by people with emotions with no knowledge at all can get you banned.