How can the walljumps in WSG still be allowed, while you get a 7 day ban for climbing the stormwind wall?

In SoM everyone did their training on the nifty wall jumps in WSG it seems. It basically is really something you need to learn and practice on to perfect.
But meanwhile you also get a juicy 7 day ban for a shabby wall jump on top of the Stormwind wall, that every WoW-beginner can absolve.
Why is that walljumping in WSG still allowed? It really breaks the game in my opinion…


think you should just get good.

Just report everyone who does this for using exploits. Got a few banned this way already.


Pretty sure people got banned for it back in original classic. Also the fact that certain female character models with noggenfogger etc can pretty much run straight up it is even more annoying.

Just get team to spam report it when it happens and hopefully people will get a ban for it.


It is simple, there are things Blizzard does not care about.
I have no experience in crating games, so I do not know how hard is to fix something like this, is it so hard to fix it guys ?

Maybe they could place there a bowl of fruit to block the path ? :smiley:


I got 3 players banned already. Just report them and TELL everyone in BG to do the same. With mass report it’s very fast ban :wink: . Theses cheaters should deserve a perma for all Blizzardd games and impossibility to remake an acc. Imagine being so bad a the game that you have to glitch through wall and hiddden texture.

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Difference between the wall jump in SW and the tunnel jump in WSG is that you can actually get up the tunnel just from jumping from the rock to the horn and up onto the tunnel - that doesn’t deserve a ban.

Wall jumping up the tree stump at the side of the map sucks though and should be a bannable offence.

They could easily fix the fence jumps by altering either the fence or character models…make it so you cannot jump through a fence should be easy enough with an invisible barrier and yet they haven’t changed it since Vanilla released. GY jumps can be fixed the exact same way.

Some players like to attribute these jumps to skill which is ludicrous it’s just about practice and not everyone wants to not participate in the game just to learn them. I learnt how to do them playing twink battlegrounds and really, if Blizzard aren’t going to do anything about it then you need to learn them too otherwise you’ll always be the underdog.

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abusing mass report is in of itself against TOS.


Why? Read the text. It says its allowed. There is no reason to report people for legal doings. :pig:

Imagine being so bad that you force others to abuse the report system because you cannot follow allowed paths in a wsg.
Just get better. Or atleast smarter.

Where does it state, that its allowed to walljump invisible walls and get to places were you can’t get attacked?

Just report everyone who does this. Got a good amount of ppl already banned for using these exploits.

Its stated in he topic of the theard you are replying to.

Insanebolt already informed us that asking others to report others is against tos. Please take it a little bit more serious.

Well, obviously it’s not allowed coz a decent amount of ppl already got banned after reporting them.

Of course they got banned. There are certain players out there who know that x reports result in a ban. These player can get any nonvipplayer get banned. That’s a fact which is written there in the theard as well.

That’s no evidence of anything.

There are also certain player that did not get banned for that. So by the same logic its allowed. :sloth:

Just get good and learn the paths. Lern to master the game and dont try to master the report system👾

It’s bannable because not every race/gender can do it. It’s mainly abused by female character models using noggenfogger that can literally run straight up walls, especially female NE druids.

It’s been documented and posted that people have received multiple warnings and then banned for still doing it.

Jumping on the tunnel roof is fine if you want to call that skill. It literally takes a few BGs to learn & everyone can do it. Abusing pathing that can not be achieved by everyone equally is exploiting terrain.

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I think the question should be either: why or how?

Frist of all: gender is a social construct.

Next: so you say if i am a gnome and pvping in the arena with that big bridge and i “hide” in the pit under the bridge i can get banned because its line of signing casts?
If i run away in the same arena and use to pillars next to the ramps which are connected to the bridge i can get banned as well because Taurens cannot pass that?
Yo. No, sir. That’s not the fault of the “right” races. Its the people’s fault who have choosen bad races.

I also got banned for low pvp interaction which is not true at all. I am pvping every week and I even play on a pvp server. Warnings or reports do not proof anything. If you feel that the system is working fine you are just missing information or stories.

You can talk the whole day whatever you want, but that doesn’t make it any less exploitative.

Everyone who exploits in PVP in order to get an advantage should be banned. End of story.


I guess you are talking about the people who ask other to report the flagcarrier which went into a spot which takes too much skill that the reporters do not get there.

Indeed. Those have to be banned or atleast warned that their behavior is against the tos.

The game also has to offer a false-report-function for people who abuse the system.
This false-report-function has to lower the report value of those who abuse the reportsystem by asking others to report x.

Right now the system only counts the amount of reports while abuser can get anyone banned with the right audience. But how many of you report people who ask for reports?

Where do I like my own statements?

I liked yours@Go/han. Please like mine.

Line of sighting in arena & using a specific character model to run straight up a wall are 2 completely different things.

It’s something that seems very specific to female NE druids in catform with noggenfogger. Most other classes can also do the wall jump but they usually have to actually stop & make a jump mid way up the wall female characters have an easier time doing it than male characters. A druid can run directly up the wall without even stopping. When you get to the top of the wall there is a gap only female models can jump through without jumping 3-4 times.

Do you see the problem here??? It doesn’t matter how much you practice doing this it’s very specific to certain classes using a female model with consumables. Since druids are like flag carriers 80% of the time it is completely unfair to anyone who is trying to lock down the EFC. The whole team could be chasing the EFC & using this exploit could basically allow the flag carrier to safely escape and take off about 5-10secs of travel time to flag room. It also take the player directly to the graveyard.