How dead is it gonna be


How many people you think will be online on a live server after classic launches? everyone i know won`t play live until the next expansion comes out so prolly gonna be really dead

my guess would around 5-10, the few zoomers who find it too difficult to level past level 10 in classic


It won’t be dead at all. Retail has millions of players, and a lot of the classic hype is just that - hype. They will go play it, realise that it was mostly nostalgia, and after some time, trickle back in. I for one prefer retail, because slow leveling, inferior quests, and having to run everywhere isn’y my cup of tea.
I’ve played vanilla wow on private servers, and it wasn’t that much harder as long as you knew what you were doing.

Also, classist alert, please go away.

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I imagine every man and his dog is going to try Classic but they are expecting huge numbers to quit again, something like 70% dropout rate is expected from Classic from initial numbers. How quickly that will happen, no one knows.

Some will play both games, some will just go for one. Some will try Classic and go back to Retail. Time will tell :slight_smile:

I’m going to play both but will probably dedicate more of my time to Classic initially. I hope both are a success and we don’t end up with any dead realms.


Well, no hate towards people, but I’d assume that a lot of people will quit classic, those who have continued to talk rather harsh about current bfa, “So much grind” etc, I don’t really think those people know what they’re up against, you don’t like grind? you ain’t gonna like Classic, just saying, I love Classic, but there are younger people who are used to bfa- or people started in WOD etc, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Edit: no I was not saying that Classic would die, “alot” in Classic means less, the queue system at the start will be massive, I know for a fact there will be many, judge by old “you know where” player played Classic, they were full and those will close, and now it’s real classic out through the retail Blizzard, so it’s not gonna die at all.


What I am gonna say is this: if classic is such a grind that you have to kill things just to get xp since you ran the quests dry then that, to me, automatically makes in an inferior product. I’ve been there when it comes to mmorpg grinding and it’s just bad.


Well I started to play wow in mid tbc, I was young, I thought that playing a hunter would make me a cat, because I saw a Druid in Elwynn Forest on my first human mage, going back in time, yes I worn full cloth on my hunter I am not even sure if I even had arrows long, cause I didn’t know much English I was around 8, from Norway, my point is, I’d rather grind and die through getting ganked or the NPC almost 2 hits me, than levl in current bfa, the fun of a harder mode of wow is extreme, the community is fun as well, I wish I had my old account to be able to see that hunter again, cause it’s memories for a lot people who played wow before all the changed where you can pull the entire zone without dying :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you started copy and pasting that reply? :>

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I type it out every time :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably because she or he as to repeat it all the time :sweat_smile:


Classic wasn’t that hard though… it was really all just number management. You’re trying to glorify something that was mostly numbers management while pressing rotations. Jhhhuuuust… staaaahp. Please. Maybe some of us likes to feel strong, eh? Maybe not everyone looks to one game for everything and fills the challenge niche with other titles?


Then ignore Classic posts then, ain’t that hard for you, some people just have to add more salt to the wound, and doesn’t think ahead, no one is forcing you to look at Classic topics?


But these are the general forums, not the classic forums :neutral_face:


Yes indeed, also, the droning on about classic is kinda getting annoying.


I know but this was a topic about both servers, classic and current wow…


It was, at most, a bad bait really.


Yes, a very bad bait made by a classist. This thread shouldn’t have been made to begin with.


Go back to the “I want High elf Allied Race” if general forums are so fun for you then.


Can we get a mod to just lock this thread? This is getting out of hand, and classic circlejerking should really be relegated to the board for it.

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The initial hype for Classic will be big but it will quickly fade away shortly after the masses realize what kind of game it is.

Since most likely people that played classic form a minority of the current players i expect Classic realms to lose players fast and just keep a very small but dedicated core of players.

The modern gamer that started wotlk / cata and newer expansions is just not used to the type of game Classic is.


They should just announce that they are shutting down all the dead servers. Give free character & guild transfers.

wont happen but i think they should cuz theres so many dead realms on retail