How dead is it gonna be


classic will be amazing. damn i cant wait to roll a shaman and farm some plainstriders as a tauren xD

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Let’s keep that hype going…

“There was a time long ago, when every pull started with the sound of a gun…”

On a side note, Why hasn’t this guy been hired by Blizzard…



you could argue that the balance in bfa is worse than it has ever been (except classic where it was just terrible).

having interrupts and dispels on the classes is actually fine. People complain that flavor spells were removed and the class mechanics are pretty much the same.

-1 mobility spell
-1 interrupt
-1 def cd
-1 off cd
-1 builder
-1 spender
some rng useless abilities to maintain

I don’t say classes before had so much depth but you get what they did.
Before we had mana and more cd based gameplay and some classes had combo points or rage
now there is actually only 1 class left that actually uses mana (healers aside)

mana gameplay was in my opinion superior and more fun. There is a reason why mana was used in soooooo many games


You all really need to calm your panties.

Sure, everybody and his/her friends and family, is going to see what it’s all about, some will be nostalgia turists for quite a while.
But you all need to understand that Classic is a different game, compared to modern wow, and it caters to a different playerbase.

Classic wow, is based around typical MMO. It’s not about the speed, fast pace or even so much endgame. It’s about the jurney and exploration.
Modern wow is created, as much as Blizzard find possible, to E-sports. It’s all about the endgame, and Endgame is the only place that matters (which is sad in such a large game really) and is extremely fast paced.

The only players Retail will loose, is the one’s who prefers community and slow pace over all the rush and gogogo, and those players most of you won’t even notice is missing, as those are most likely not even participating in raid or M+.

I believe that Classic will co-exist and thrive, and I believe that Retail will co-exist and thrive as well - all unchanged, because again, they target different audience. Only thing it might really change, is subs to Blizzard will slightly increase because it now targets different audiences instead of just one. And lets not be fooled here, they know so.


Strongly disagree. You can have fun leveling in retail as it is now. I sure am =)


This indeed, i dont really mind the bfa grind, i do it in my own pace, but i started playing in legion and i already know i would not like classic. Might check it out with some friends for a couple of hours and thats it

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The problem is that back in time all was unknown: most of Ppl played w3 and was curious about the follow up.
And being a mmorpg fueled the excitement.
Vanilla was the joy of discovery, the joy to have a journey in the unknown.
Now we all know everything, nothin is unknown and this could be a limit. Expecially for ppl hooked by warcraft just recently like you.


Doesn’t really matter if you disagree (if it was to my post) as it is a kind of fact that they are different from eachother


Not enough to call them seperate games.

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grinding more and making fights longer doesn’t make things harder.

Sure. In classic, there are lots of different factors to consider. But this is 2019 now. Not 2004 anymore. People have access to better internets, better guides, better servers and a lot better experience. It’s no longer "CLASSIC TOO HARD djiasd fidhs;uifhdshf " days. It’s a different game. Not a harder one.


Out of the 30 or so people in my guild, only about 5-6 will try classic and only 2 said they will go all-in. So I doubt there will be much difference from today.


I think so too, add to that i have never experienced times when certain stuff wasnt implemented yet, i.e. Flying, lfg(for leveling, dont judge xD) so i think that would make for a huge setback in my experience.
However i will also say something else, can all the people bashing either retail or classic please shut the frigsnig up? Just go play whichever version you like, because the complaining only makes you look more and more ridiculous…


They added more quest during Vanilla so you didn’t end up grinding npc’s to level.

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Once they realize all of the nice features are not available they will come back ;D


Why do people always refer how hard vanilla was? it wasnt hard. You just needed patience because of the different way quests worked. That is all.

I also lolled at that comparrison post.

The thing is, PTR is eessentially just a big fixing thing, and classic is a totally different game.

Why dont you take that into account? Perhaps you should of compared live to the ‘classic beta’?

That would make more sence. Why would I waste time on PTR if I can have fun on live, and actually progress?

Also, didnt you say it was 20k per realm? I thought I read that somewhhere in your wall off text but uhhh, the last time I checked it was 3k online at anytime.

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People comparing Classic to OSRS are over looking the massive difference between 1.12 WoW and 2007 Runescape. One is a game released for 6 years with a massive Runescape 2 update in the middle with consistent support over the years and a replacement likely not even being beyond concepts, while the other had a life of 2 years and 3 months with most of it’s expansion’s maps in advanced stages of design and texture work a YEAR into it’s release.

Vanilla was an abandoned child designed by people who had little experience in the genre. Half of its promises of features were abandoned and never fulfilled, and any overall concerns of gameplay problems were quickly dropped as is and just left to be fixed with BC’s release. Zones with barely any quests remained common place even in the final patch and even next expansion they were still patching in holes, like 2.1 adding a couple dozen quests to Dustwallow Marsh. That’s not mentioning how much content was premade for vanilla only to be scrapped and few to BC(Caverns, Kara, Hyjal).

Vanilla released today would be considered one of the biggest outrages by gamers, as a bad looking MMO with archaic gameplay asking for a full price and a sub monthly. The cherry on top? Vanilla was for all intents and purposes Early Access, literal unfinished zones and gameplay features.


But I really have to say : thank you , to all classic fans

All the juicy sub money will gives us a nice 9.0 / 10.0 + new mounts / sets / pets / raids.

So really thank you for paying for our future content :slight_smile:


“Properly used” usually translates into “needs certain items”. You’ll first have to have the luck to see the required items drop let alone gather them all. People love to complain about rng loot in BFA but I’ll tell you a funny story of how much our hunters cried when we were pushing C’thun and still no dragonstalker shoulders. Not even one.

So all these lovely theorycrafts will only show fruitation when content is actually on farm for your guild and after months you finally get your items together. For then to perform mediocre at best.

And you know what, balance will be played. But only for the crit buffs during burn phases when there is no big healing output needed. Because balance healing is actually viable.


No, they have said in interviews that they are open to the possibility. Please don’t make stuff up.

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Not guarantee.
Dont make stuff up.