How dead is it gonna be


Could’t agree with you more, very well put. In my opinion classic will never, ever be more popular than retail. Vanilla was extremely dull and boring and grindy and need i go on?

The sole reason vanilla was so popular is so damn simple. It was new. That is all it was. And the people returning will only return for the nostalgia. Who the hell would prefer that type of dull, grindy gameplay.

The only thing that i think classic will have over retail is the social aspect. Because obviously there won’t be LFG there, so people will actually have to talk to eachother to pug and do quests and so on, unlike now where you don’t have to say a single word, with a press of a button you’ve found your group and finished your dungeon. Both have their pros and cons.


You can still be social in retail. When I do dungs I always greet my team. Sometimes they talk back. Sometimes, they actually que up for more dungeons when we are done. They also often don’t. That’s fine, they don’t have to be social and I don’t want it to be forced on them anyways.

(Tsaritsin) #287

Classic will be nothing more than an echo of a distant time.

You think you can all go back in time?
To a place of far distant memories?
To a land of hallowed communities?
To a land of reborn child like innocence?
Is that what you all think?

Classic is just another hype train…

And who’s doing all the hyping?
Yeah you guessed it…
All the Streamers/Influencers
Because they make Money from Communities.
Communities of people, who think they can go back in time.
And everything will be,…the same.
As it was all those years ago.

Overhead the albatross
Hangs motionless upon the air
And deep beneath the rolling waves
In labyrinths of coral caves
An echo of a distant time
Comes willowing across the sand
And everything is green and submarine

Really? You’re all gonna stand in the Gurubashi Arena a second time? Playing out those echoes, to the ghosts of Pompeii.

(Reconwarrior) #288

Counting the people who resubbed for classic so far MAYBE.


Classic hard? Pffft, look how it’s dont (without a tank):


So, with communication and proper skill usage you can do dungeons without a tank. Same as in retail.
…what’s the difference?


it may has millions of players, but I bet most of them are in the asian region.
Alliance on EU server on saturday morning for example had only 2 dungeon groups open, this is how dead it is…

but well I don’t have much free gaming time, so I have to stay retail. Plus I don’t like old wow till we reached tbc, when it actually became awesome and a little more balanced

(Jito) #292

Absolutely! If a bit of self-reflection is warranted, then it’s a well-learned lesson that voicing your feedback and wishes for the game is worthwhile and valuable, even if it’s been turned down previously.
That’s why these days I urge the PvPers to keep asking for their vendors and tournaments realms and what not - even if the answer to those has so far been no. :yum:

Hasn’t that always been the case? I certainly recall spending many early mornings playing WoW in my vacations over the years, and that period from 6 o’ clock to 10 o’ clock has always been the most quiet period of the day. Even during popular times in WoW’s history you have been able to log in early in the morning and feel like Will Smith in I am Legend - alone.


of course it is not peak time, but 2 groups? meaning a total of less than 10 people playing the game? xD
You can argue that no one wants to play dungeons at that time but whatever.
In legion or early bfa it was not that bad actually.

alliance obviously is at another low point but a game claiming to have several million players should never only have 2 groups

(Jito) #294

Sure, the game is definitely in a popularity decline and has been so for years. But those early morning hours have always been a quiet period of the day in WoW.
There were some years where if you queued for a BG early in the morning, then you’d get into the BG and everyone except yourself would be bots. :joy:
And generally speaking, I think it’s the same for most other games. Battlenet for example shows how many people are playing games, and at least for SCII and D2 there’s a huge difference between peak hours and early mornings. :stuck_out_tongue:


might be, guess we will see how bad it will be the week after classic launch.
Hopefully there are still some groups left to play with :confused:

unfortunately i am never able to play during peak due to time zone difference


2/10 of my friends are going to play classic rest will keep playing bfa

(Nithsethel) #297

I won’t be investing any time into playing Classic.

Its inferior to retail.

  1. The look of the game and textures used + character models are very dated looking
  2. Its not harder than retail its just slower and more grindy.
  3. You run out of content to level in as you approach 60 and have to grind to get there
  4. There is no transmog (one of the best features in retail)

And finally, why would I want to spend hundreds of hours levelling to 60 and then there is no prospect of taking the character further?.
The dungeons are for levelling only, the only content left at 60 is raiding or PVP. And if you want to get anywhere in PVP you have to pretty much give up your life outside of wow.

The hype around classic is making it out to be the most fantastic game ever made. I played vanilla and I have fond memories of it, but I certainly have no desire to go back and play it again, for its day it was good, today its just a dated version of retail with far less to do and not offering the same polish as retail has.

Yes people will flock to it at launch, some for nostalgic reasons, some because they missed playing it first time round, but I would predict after actually playing for a while the hype will quickly vanish to be replaced by the reality of what classic wow actually offers. And many of those that tried Classic will abandon it and return to retail, it will be a short term curiosity to most people and then slowly slip to become a small niche market for small number of hard core classic lovers.

(Tèsla) #298

Hyped fore classic!
But i know after some time ill miss the feature added in 15 years.
Ill play it like drinkin a good grappa… in small sips… tasting every second of it. But Drinkin too much could be bad.


You couldn’t be more wrong on pretty much everything. I think you vastly underestimate classic.

Run out of content on the way to 60? I don’t even know what that means.

Who cares about textures and character models? It’s the gameplay that’s actually the selling point. Classes actually feel unique unlike BfA.

It’s going to be very satisfying when Classic proves you wrong.


Yawn. Believe what you want. It matters not.


They’re referring to the frequent experience of players that questing does not take you to 60. it depends how you level, but somewhere along the way you have to grind quite a bit of experience in raw mob kills or dungeons as questing experience plus the general exp from killing mobs involved in those quests does not take you to 60, as older quests grey out and the amount of quests at the higher end (55 plus) in the zones that still grant exp are not numerous enough to get you to 60 by them alone.

I agree class identity is distinct in classic beyond doubt. I disagree that all bfa classes “are the same”. This is an often made comment that is frequently not backed up by anything other than “well all classes have an interrupt/self heal /etc”.

  1. This was done for balance reasons given class balance in earlier wow expos was totally whack. It strips back some uniqueness but to claim it makes all classes the same is hyperbolic. A warrior has pummel, a mage counterspell. This was always the case. Now explain to me how In bfa a warrior plays like a mage at all?

  2. To focus on these shared features is to reduce a class to a simple trick or two they can do. Going back to my example of mage, a mage is so much more than counterspell. They still have numerous features no other classes have: blink, frost nova, polymorph (CC that heals), a spammable snaring nuke, portals, food… Etc. Its very easy to ignore what separates classes if you only focus on what they have in common and downplay what separates them.


Voice of reason.


If you’re the kind of patronizing player we’re going to be mainly encountering in Classic, it will find itself completely without community in a good month or two and be deader than dead.

Why must everything be a competition? Why must one version’s popularity come at the expense of the other?


I’d happily stop if they did. They started it.

(Like children… this ends when both of you turn around and walk away)