How did wie even defeat Azshara?

(Allibaba) #1

So we randomly get suprised with Nazjatar with no warning whatsoever by Azshara who’s been planning this whole thing for 10.000 years and still manage to defeat her by finding some kind of relic the moment we arrived there? And Azshara didn’t know about this even though she literally lived there since this entire city was built?


What do I not understand? Shouldn’t she just poop on us like crazy? How did we defeat the BY FAR stronges mage in Azeroth when she was basically just waiting for us to fight her? HUH?

(Erevien) #2

The same way we defeated all those other oh so super evil powerful dudes before. It isn’t rocket science. Unless it is about Jaina, nobody is safe from being defeated by the same 25 murder hobos over and over again.

(Araphant) #3

We hit her really hard.


I guess we were just more powerful than her. From what I can gather, Jaina and Thalyssra trap her inside the titan machines where you fight her, something she did not expect.


Jaina would never be defeated, forum nerds will mourn so much and even make a funeral as true SJW’s outside of blizz headquarters if that was happening :joy:

(Zarao) #6

Remember Lei-Shen? The guy that was able to beat a Wild God in a fist fight?
Well, this is 5.2 again.

Only this time give a +3 to the patch number.


atleast leishen was weakned as we learend from when he fought xuen.
due being in uldumt when it got reorginated. and then later he got ressed.
Azshara on her own was more powerfull then back in past.
Got 10kyears of extra knowledge/training, buffed by n’zoth/old gods ,trident of neptulon.


We killed a titan world soul last patch and we beat achimonde twice id love to see an NPC in the game freaking out at how utterly rediculous we are if all our actions were cannon i mean just these silent undying revenants that pop in an area solve every dilemma of the local populace from picking up piles of muck to killing gods then just move on, heh the final expansion could finally unite the horde and alliance to try and destroy the greatest threat to everything in existence, the adventurers.


argus was had artifacts,khadgar,illidan,velen army of light and the literal pantheon of titans helping us while argus was drained for 25k years by legion then again by titans to give them form.

Azshara got stronger due time passed and more knowledge,trident of neptulon and old god buff. is defeated by few wreck surviors. While being most powerfull non titan/old god on azeroth and strongest mortal ever.

How we beat azshara is way worse then argus.

And Archimonde first is world tree exploding and second we had huge armies of orcs and draeni,ally and horde forces + khadgar,grom and yrel aid us.

(Anouk) #10

You see Azshara made a big mistake…
She thought that she can handle the chosen commander champion of Azeroth™ and spent all of Legion to evaluate on how to defeat me.

To her absolute shock, she realized way too late that I am not the only chosen commander champion of Azeroth™, but that these few ships where literally stuffed full of chosen commander champions of Azeroth™

The 3 Horde ships held even more chosen commander champions of Azeroth™, than all of the Alliance ships. She thought that she could handle us, but realized later that we in fact were not really attacking her, but learning how to ride on our epic-chosen-commander-champion-of-Azeroth™-dragon-companions™ again.

But now that we have done so, she will feel the full might of thousands of chosen commander champions of Azeroth™


Sounds legit. Do not forget, that every champion has his own Heart of Azeroth.

(Zhaarija) #12

I am the PC - God of War, Lord of Genocide, Destroyer of Empires, Duke of Gore, Admiral of the Bloodbath, Tyrant of Slaugter, King of Annihilation. And there 25 of us!

(Dornisus) #13

Because wow lore is badly written these days and make no sense what so ever.

And we haveDeus ex Jaina around to open lore locks when needed.

(Zarao) #14

She also made the mistake of crossing paths with said chosen commander champions of Azeroth™ at a time when they were salivating and lusting after some flight permit.
And were willing to wipe entire species and civilisations for it.

Those naga never stood a chance.


I think N´zoth played her big time also, if you recal, in crusible he says something in line whit, she was the first but not the last kill her and you will se. I think he wanted us to beat her, maby he even took some of her powers away, but she didnt realice it, before it was to late, what would explain her expressions on her face when beaten.

(Däkär) #16

With the Power of Friendship (in faction pride expansion).

(Aeula) #17

She was never the strongest mage. She just had a misleading reputation.

Not once throughout her entire existence has she shown any ounce of power save for when she utterly failed to stop the sea from destroying her empire.

Even the parting of the seas in Nazjatar was something she had to outsource to the tidestone.

Knowing Blizzard Jaina is probably stronger. At least her fight made her seem that way.


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