How did wie even defeat Azshara?


Azshara didn’t take into account the massive power creep thanks to the HoA, essences and the no lifers who farmed these two items like crazy.

300k HP fire mage wearing pimped out tmog: sup.
Azshara: jfc. I got my work cut out for me.

(Erevien) #22

Of course she is. Blizzard would never abandon their all time favorite human mage. She is better than anyone else by default.


Have to agree with these two Elves on this subjects, knowing the trend of Blizzard’s :peach:pulled nerfs to Night Elves Im wont be surprised to find out Azshara was just ordinary mage and not “ravial to Sargeras with her powers” mage.


To Sargeras she never was a rival but she was back in war of ancients more or less equal to Archimonde and Kiljeaden.
Mannoroth feared her he wanted to strike her down but then realized how much power she actully had and said only Sargeras and Kiljeaden(and Archimonde as theyre equals basicly ) could hope to best her.

, and other demons she could ealsy sway to do her bidding aswell.
But if she ever could use full power of well of eternity(wasnt really possibly due others drawing from it aswell other mages and night elfs) she would be strongest being on azeroth and would have magical powers simelair to titans(as well of eternity is/was a whole lot of titanblood)


Mistake #1 of WoW lore: reading too much into it


I would tell you what you look like to me but… Forum rules :joy:


You look like a crazy/insane man really that will just stab anyone that comes close or bothers you.
And prolly has a drinking problem.
So yup totally lawabding citizen.

(Keyur) #28

Bcoz she is overrated and need to get rid of her asap…


Ah I see you are law abiding citizen, but dont be shy, rules are made to be broken.

(Dornisus) #30

Azshara in lore is extremely powerful, even Mannoroth realised this. She was roughly on level with Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde.

But as with any villans in WoW, they are dumbed down to be deafeated in a raid.


Yeah accounting for the WoW population she sinked around 7-10 million champions of Azeroth wearing a necklace of Azerite.

Then we made a portal in Newhome to bring more people to farm her every week.

Bet she didnt see that coming… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait… she wanted us there to use our Azerite and basically fighting us while manipulating these energies keeping us alive on purpose cause she just wants that azerite in the Lock…

What a shock we defeated her!

(Uruk) #32

Except Azshara 10k years ago was using the power of the Well and was able to tap into that power. Without the well she is a strong mage, but hardly OP.

I think that people are seriously overestimating her at this point.

(Dornisus) #33

In termsof lore, she was the most powerful mage on Azeroth. Even Mannoroth feared her, putting her powers around the same as Archimond and Kil’Jaeden.

(Uruk) #34

Emphasis on WAS. It’s questionable whether she is even remotely as powerful now without the Well of Eternity and other trinkets to boost her.


Simple. She did not expect me when I activated my real power.

Omae wa mou shinderu…

(Dornisus) #36

Already without the well and the scepter, she had an exceptional understanding of the arcane. Knowledge that now is lost. Magic now has been deluded and a lot of ancient knowledge has been lost.

So relative to us, she’s still quite a formidable arcane user and should be a heck of a lot more powerful than we are

(Uruk) #37

More powerful? Yes. OP? Not likely.

(Dornisus) #38

Did I say OP? I said she’s more powerful than us by far

(Uruk) #39

Arguable. Neither Thalyssra nor Jaina are anything to sneeze at either, and we are the veteran elite fighters who defeated foes just as great or even greater than Azshara. Plus we had the heart of Azeroth with us imfused with essence she which further empowered us.

So I don’t see how she was dumbed down. I’d say this made perfect sense for once. The only dumbing down was that’s she let us get to her in the first place instead of drowning us instantly, but then again she’s so egoistic that she’s probably didn’t perceive us as a threat.

(Araphant) #40

I got killed by murloc swarms in Bloodfin village last week.