How did wie even defeat Azshara?

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Swarm of murlocs > Azshara confirmed?

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They are powerful but far from Azshara. And they’ve dumbed down a lot of raid bosses for the sake of us killing them. C’Thun, Yogg-Sarron, Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde per exampel.

So yes, Azshara is just another in the line of dumbing down for the sake of loot


Dw, we’ll have another Horde-Character go crazy and turn into a raid boss in about 3 expansions.

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Lets say two.
Best i can give you is 2 and a half (We discover someone has been working in secret with the Void Lords for quite some time).


Let it not be Warchief Baine, t’would be a horror show.


Where there is a Horde character, there will be a Horde madman/woman.

Because that’s all we are now. :frowning:


So, wait, if you are the Horde character, I am the…

starts incoherently gibbering


Arrrrrgh! Quick overthrow them in a raid that makes the Horde looks terrible!

Ya be right mon. Dat and lackeys of the worst Azerothians EVAH. Cos we be lacking in da head department for some reason. Good ting da blues also be emptah heads.


We’re all :crazy_face: together.

In harmony.

(screw this mess).


I don’t think you know what “SJW” means.


Not putting her on the same level. But between mannoroth and Archimonde. The book never said same level. Mannoroth could be level 2 , azshara level 3 and aechimonde level 30


I also think N´zoth played her there, and big time, she needed us alive to open the prison as we did, so she could not kill us instantly she had to stall, we also do not know how much she actualy was draining her self to open the locks, considering that is what she is doing, whit the help of other nagas, you can se it when she collapses that her hand is starting to whitter, something she didnt think would happen, so she probably used all her power to open the locks, and fighting us at same time, even if we did defeat her so to speak, we did loose the battle there becuse she did exactly what she was supposed to, and that was releasing N´zoth.


I want to believe that N’Zoth played on Azshara’s vanity 10.000 years ago, and kept up the act for all of that time. Yet if we are being entirely honest here, that would be a little too clever for the usual level of Blizzard writing.

But at the same time, I am not sure that I mind.

What if N’Zoth actually came to respect Azshara and see her as a partner-in-evil, rather than another pawn? I would actually find that interesting in an Old God, as they have generally been fairly one-dimensional creatures of evil.


How Nazjatar and the Azshara raid could have gone better:

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that was hilarious!


She was fighting twenty-five of Azeroth’s greatest heroes. The former Highlord of the Silver Hand, the leader of the Illidari in Illidan’s absence, Archdruids and Archmages and High Priests and so on and so forth. We’re not bumbling Bill from Northshire anymore. We’ve overthrown dragons and kings and would-be gods time and again growing stronger and stronger.

Azshara is one of the most powerful mortal casters in the world, if not the most powerful. She was also alone, surrounded by 25 absolute madmen in god-level gear, with experience killing Old Gods and Demon Lords of equivalent power, aided by four faction leaders from both factions. Two of which were insanely powerful magi of their respective races, the other two are venerable and experienced warriors.

The fact she was able to put up a fight at all is a testament to her skill.

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You wear a chicken as head-gear…


A chicken is the squids natural predator. Trust me, I’m a scientist.


Speak for yourself! Im still bumbling Bill =P


and azshara if wasnt for being game and we not being able to loose still shouldve won really.
and were weaker then in legion without artifact weapons.
Heck ingame she shows she could kill us easly(if you spit or /rude to her she insta kills you) and she need hearth of azeroth from us,and she got turned into raidboss so she had to loose.