How do I manage to play with many friends?



I have an issue.

So lately I’ve made a lot of friends in WoW, i like them all, and since start of the summer I was managing to play with all of them, but their number kept growing and right now there’re too many of them, and even tho I still manage to spend time with them, there’s still a tiny issue - more particularly below.

But first a little note, in case of friends, I manage to play with them because they dont mind each other, we can all go and do a dungeon, or raid, or do achievements or what not, you get my point. and I can just not talk to some of them for say, a week, and we’re still friends, so its all great.

now about the issue itself! some of my friends are females. (Im male just to note.) and Im “more than friends” with 8 of them. you get what I mean… :wink:
and the issue is, all 8 of them need more attention than normal friends, and require me to spend the time with them almost on daily basis.
now at first I thought - its fine! I can just do things with few of them at the same time, like I do with my normal friends… boy I was wrong, they get jealous at each other when they’re together, and they always fight each other, and start drama. basically issues whenever they’re together, and worse of them all, they have issues with me later on too. :expressionless: I had to go offline few times and play with them 1 by 1 to avoid drama… and that’s not how I want things, I want to be online when Im online.

So, How should I manage to deal with this issue? I want to play with all my friends, without losing any of them. even if they’re “more than friends”.

Where are all the so called troll posts?
(Nefaryas) #2

Is this a troll?


I wish it was my friend :slight_smile: Unfortunately Im facing this issue, and I’d very much appreciate help and suggestions :cold_face:

(Nefaryas) #4

Sorry I have no advice for you. As a cold hearted ***** I just wanna see the videos of the massive nuclear fall out that’s headed your way.


(Aylmeric) #5

Stop sending nudes :wink:

(Pinkylarue) #6

Aren’t you finding being ‘more than friends’ with 8 people exhausting? Do the other 8 know about each other?
I guess this is your karma coming back to bite you on the bahookie

(Avitlarge) #7

Stop WOW. Concentrate on school. = win.


A little bit :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: But its also rewarding. :slight_smile:

I mean… not all my friends know about each other. I think that’s normal? :open_mouth:

Why would karma bite me? :no_mouth::no_mouth:

I finished school few years ago :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

(Looksmaxxed) #9

May Elune grant you and your 8 wives many blessings.

(Nefaryas) #10

Actually OP, are you 100% sure all 8 are female? That would add to the comedy of the situation so much…

(Korrina) #11

Be honest and tell them, I have 8 girls I consider “more than friends” and I want to spend more time with all of them. You want to be in that situation, let them decide for themselves if they want to be in that situation. Fair enough?

(Ghimrizz) #12

So It’s Elune i have to go to for an oppertunity to get married to eight people?

(Hàilstorm) #13

This is just fantastic , a young playboy soon to realize that being with " more then a friend" with 2+ girl is hard , heck even 1 girl is hard.

The best advice i can give to OP chose 1 ditch the rest… No way they are all that interesting.

(Looksmaxxed) #14

Nah, you just build them. Mechanical consorts!

(Lepanto) #15

Use protection. And I don’t mean a shield.

(Avitlarge) #16

Practise this line 100 times … “it wasn’t me”.


yes they look, sound and feel, like females :sweat_smile: and they have female parts. :flushed:

Im confused… Am I supposed to ask other people, even tho they’re friends, how to live my life and who to spend my time with? :no_mouth: that’s just toxic…

and what do you mean with “that situation”?

I mean, do you ask your friends if you can be friends with other people too? and if you can spend time?..

(Nefaryas) #18

Got a admit this is some class A trolling :rofl: :popcorn:


Hate tha game, not tha playa. You ignore these haterz, Balla. :+1:

(Pinkylarue) #20

Well, when you say ‘more than friends’ what do you actually mean? I have no idea how you manage to juggle these relationships (whatever that is in this situation) without losing your mind

Am I naive?