How do the clusters work? I need to transfer my SoM1 characters

Hi, I’d like to start playing Classic Vanilla again. I have 2 Horde characters on SoM server and it seems I can transfer them to Firemaw PvP or another PvE server. That’s it.
I’d like to play on a PvP server and I’m going to try Alliance. So I’m thinking:
If I create an Alliance char on Firemaw PvP, I probably won’t be able to transfer my Horde chars to a PvP server. Then how about if I create my Alli char let’s say on Golemagg and then transfer the Horde chars to Firemaw. Is there any issue with it? Is there any disadvantage of having the Alli char on Golemagg? I suppose I can join Firemaw guilds anyway or not? Thanks

You cannot have both factions on a single PvP realm in Era. You can however start playing Alliance on another realm in the cluster.

They are fully connected, which means the only difference is the character name, Morgun-Firemaw or Morgun-Ashbringer, you can have both in the one cluster and they don’t have to be on the same faction.

Go for any high population realm, they are all connected.


Thanks for the info. How about the auction house? Is it connected as well?

Yes it is. Everything acts like one realm except character names.

Lol, it’s impossible to create Horde and Ali character on the same server, but I created an Ali char on Firemaw and then moved there my SoM Horde chars without any issues. Now I’m allowed to create new characters for both factions :slight_smile:

You can transfer your toons from other Classic Era PvP clusters to Firemaw to bypass the faction restrictions as well. I have both Horde and Alliance toons on Firemaw itself so I dont have to go to the character select and pick another server such as Skullflame for example.

Just to reiterate, you can have characters for both factions in the cluster without any character transfers. Just log into Firemaw, make an ally, log into Bloodfang(for example) and make a horde, done.

This is not correct, as others have already said. This is not every days I see you telling fake news, Dottie :rofl:

You can indeed transfer from PvE to PvP in Classic Era, also if you have characters of opposite faction already.

What you cannot do is create a NEW characters on a PvP realm if you have characters of other faction. Unless you also have a character of the same faction. Confused?

factually inaccurate

It was inaccurate, I should have said you cannot create characters of the opposing faction on an Era PvP realm that only has one faction.

You can however transfer a character to a realm that already has a character of the opposite faction, which is either from Era to Era or from SoM to Era.

Edit: I’m not sure about making new characters of the opposite faction after you have transferred another opposite faction character to that realm.

Edit again: Once you have transferred a character of the opposite faction to a realm of the opposite faction, you can make characters of that new faction. However, if you delete all your characters of the new faction the realm reverts back to being unable to make new characters of the opposite faction.

I just tested this.

One more thing, you can move any PvP realm character (I haven’t checked RP-PvP) to Firemaw at the moment. This I tested too.

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