How do you feel about tweaking WC3 story?

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08/11/2018 23:27Posted by Zarao
Such as, having for example Sylvanas character with more evil traits to have players relate more with her current portrayal, or nerf the Night elf race to explain why to this day are they this dependant regarding the Alliance or how their enemies beat them around when they started as a third faction.

This is stuff they could pull if they wanted.

We shall have to wait and see then. The Alliance and Horde barely held a candle to the Kaldorei at Hyjal (Archi blowing up), but I get your point.

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08/11/2018 23:27Posted by Zarao
Such as, having for example Sylvanas character with more evil traits to have players relate more with her current portrayal

She already mind controiled Ogres and Humans to sacrifice them by running them against the Dreadlords defenses, forced Varimathras to kill his brothers and betrayed the humans who fought willingly on her side to free their city...

She has the evil thing pretty much covered in WC3...

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First we need to find retcons in order to see where the teaks will come.

The thing that comes to my mind is Suramar. Maiev would say that Broken shore is still part of suramar but for example comment that "It keeps hunting me, part of the city disappeared completely - something is not right".

It doesn't change much, but it could be a great nod to Legion content and would clarify that part of Tomb of Sargeras could still be part of city but the other one would be under invisible shield. It wouldn't retcon WC3 lore nor it would do any damage but make stuff more consistent.

At least these are the types of "tweaks" I'd do.

Or explaining more Chen's appearance that he was swimming on a turtle to get to mysterious Pandaria but they couldn't find it anywhere. A wink to Pandaria being clouded with mists.


I’m personally looking forward to the tweaks in the WC3 Reforged story a lot. Understandably in the 17 years since the original release of WC3, there have been a few plot points here and there that have either had to change to accommodate new lore that conflicted with lore in WC3, or to just trim the fat in terms of lore in WC3 that just isn’t up to standard (nobody can blame them for not having a PERFECT vision of the entire lore back in 2002. I mean look at Warcraft 1 and 2, not exactly treasure troves in terms of lore writing quality, but still fantastic games).

One thing I would REALLY love to see is Blizzard using the same voice actors from current WoW in WC3 Reforged. Laura Bailey as Jaina Proudmoore for example, or Patty Mattson as Sylvanas Windrunner. It would really solidify the immersion in my opinion, having the games match up like that to the furthest extent possible.

All in all I think the story tweaks will be fantastic, especially given that Christie Golden is going to be in charge of them (from what I’ve heard at least).

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I’m afraid Blizzard will ruin the night elf story in WC3.

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Necromancy of the highest order!

Look, if they somehow manage to pull that off, there is no hope for this company ok?
[Inb4 Blizzard insert hints at evil Kael’thas ]


think WC 3 story is quite fine, not much need to be changed there, however TBC story is out of wack big time, and has always been, this is the part what makes more or less rest of the story arc wierd, par from wrath era.

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Oh you know the usual blizzard they will remove all the “offensive” and not up the standards and morality of SJW of 2019…


“Give my regards to hell, you son of a b itch” (hell by forum standards I can’t even type the full quote) this will clearly be edited with something more bullshi ttery, flowery, less T0XIC and with zero emotion put into it.

Another one that won’t make it for sure:
“These inhuman dogs must be slain.”
Lord Garithos will also see some “minor changes”. Cause racism and yada yada. Toxic


Depends what they mean by giving secondary characters more screen time.

If they change some nameless grunts to characters like Saurfang in the orcish campaign or Fandral in the Nelf campaign with some little side quests on missions, then fine. Have no issue with that. Would be nice to see a few more named units as little cameos with no impact on the overall story.

If they rip apart the whole story to give characters more “awesome moments” that could be kinda sad.


Also theyre gonna make locations more wowlike. Like sunwell being actual well/lake not just small fountain. and outland not all being hellfire peninsula for black temple.
But ogrinal versions of maps and campagins will still be playable aswell.

(and this forum really is lagging behind on updating my lvl its 16 lvls behind >.>)


I just had a truly excellent idea of what might come if they do major changes!

  • Mini-campaign where you work with Rhonin and the time traveling raptors.
  • Sylvanas x Nathanos in the first Undead Campaign as a prominent main conversation/display
  • Tyrande forgets how to summon Starfall
  • Baine preaches about peace even though he’s basically a calf(?)
  • Arthas mocks Bolvar openly and Uther throws a fit
  • Ooh Ooh a biggie! Xe’ra present in WCIII explaining how Illidan was justified
  • Garrosh as a character with hints of EBIL
  • Thrall is super-emo and new dialogue about how this isn’t the Horde he wants (in WC III!)
  • Kael’thas’ diabolical laughter, cos reasons.

Relog, you traitorous belf!


Thx for that, it worked now. But it doesnt alway does so.
So i guess youre good for something afterall.

And why traitorous belf? i actully in a guild that isnt my own personal bank guild on this toon.


I am an engineer in real life. This char was originally a meme character but circumstances and people dictated that it be changed.

You’re clearly a belf main :stuck_out_tongue: And well belves are not in good standing atm…not unusual.


Well no other horde race looks good in transmog.(which i spent way way to much gold on).
Id have multiple nightbornes if model wasnt so not nightbone, i do got a NB monk but since they changed the faces the 1face i liked was removed and since i havent played her.

Also what kind of engineer? Pc? car? :stuck_out_tongue: or something else?


It’s not the choice of the race you play as the main which is the issue, it’s the attitude.

That you seem to look down on mechanics and IT ppl tells me you would not understand.


And if i was a Night elf main would you still have issue then? or any other race? I just think baine and multiple other characters have been horribly witten, and Baine Always so.

How do i look down on IT people?
The: So i guess youre good for something afterall? cause that was meant more as a joke.
And the fact i like Baine heavly in lore.

And for computer stuff its not something ive studied at all, and i generly find it very complicated. Though im very good as math which is something.


Again, it’s the attitude not the race main that’s my problem with, at least. If that were the case I could never have done 2 raid tiers with my Horde guild in Legion as a Pandaren Priestess.

You also think Liadrin is fine…please tell me that’s a troll, it’s not too late! :rofl:

Your other questions need not my answering. And with that I log off here for the night.


Liadrin has more of interesting story, then horde version of anduin.
she atleast cares for her people. And doesnt justify attacks and doesnt mail pieces of her body to the enemy(like baine), and doesnt kill own faction members.
And doesnt exile people for wanting revenge against their killers.
And she has been shown to be caring towards the nightborne(have simelair histories with leaders siding with legion and mana addiction).

And if its warfront, any commander acts super generic in there.

Baine has never been more then damstrel in distress and should have killed him of instead of Cairne who was a leader to be actully respected, and i hate how they push him as best of horde.

He has Always been damstrel in distress having to be saved and when he goes against sylvannas its incredibly stupid why. derek and using him to take out jaina , the biggest threat to horde(certainly at time, and when writers dont flip flop her to horde loving back from horde hating constantly). adn taking jaina out couldve been major push to winning war and wouldve saved alot of Horde lives.

And no mention she was responsible for rastakhans death(who was wasted for his daughter who aslo hasnt done much). Id have way less issues with baine if he actully cared about his people and teldrasil was why he turned ,or the rogues sent after thrall(if he knows about it) rather then ,
while not to ethical thing the controlling of derek it wouldve been huge boon to horde if it had went off. Teldrasil or anything doesnt care, but then derek he just found out about for first time is suddenly why he turns.

And whats the attidude problem? From horde as whole? me? the dislike of baine alot of people have?


Liadrin is amazing and you are wrong.