How do you feel about tweaking WC3 story?


Your troll is weak!

Pun intended.

The unfair treatment of Baine among other things. And belves being belves. Some people take the arrogant aspect of the race a little too far imho \o\


you aren’t even level 40 yet Tauren.


Well goes to show my contempt for the game at the moment doesn’t it?

Logs off again


And you think Christie’s got any power to make decisions? She does the writing that she is told to do mostly. She can maybe change a bit by choosing her words carefully but not much else … so pls do not bash anyone for things they cannot much influence…

And in remembering what the maps in WC3 looked like I’d rather they used the new ones instead , because the world (maps and lore) of warcraft changed quite a bit since WC3, the lore is far more detailed now than it was back then …

I am not a purist, if it makes sense to change something…

/seeks cover from rotten tomatoes…

(Zarao) #45

Yes. Absolutely.

Not the kind of decisions that influence the overarching story or expansion theme, but she does have control on a minor scale of character portrayal and ulterior motives.
And she does like to change or “adjust” their behaviour to fit in with what she thinks is best, often enough.

She doesn’t need to have control over the fact that we will face nzoth at the end, for her to not be able to have characters acting OOC because she thinks it’s best for them.

For example, having the Forsaken randomly suggesting that they are encouraged to forget their past lives, when that statement alone goes against the very basis of their society and claim over their holdings.
Or having Baine suddenly declaring that Taurajo was a valid military target, thus absolving Jaina and the Alliance from any responsibility for destroying it or attacking the Tauren.
Or having Moira shrug off that one time the king of Stormwind tried to assassinate her. And laugh about it.

Or having Forsaken suddenly being mindful of clapping and hugs.

Trying to look witty and throw some attempts at “character depth” to spice up the generic indications she is probably given from above, often makes her write stuff that downright butchers character portrayal. And she has often displayed zero knowledge regarding the races she writes about. Like giving Worgen a tail.

None of this is needed, and these are details that she makes up on the go.
Doubt she is told to make Baine look helpless and pitiful, Forsaken as some fragile piles of bone, or Alliance leaders taking the often overbearing Wrynn rule with such lightness. She does so because she thinks she knows better.

And from the declarations they said, this is exactly the kind of control they’ll be having with the Wc3 story.

(Tyrandé) #46

Can Golden stick to writing humans please???
They really should not touch the Night Elf lore in WC3 unless they wanna improve it or add nice things, but we all know how it ends with this company…


Going by her last few tweets and retweets. This entire Calia setup as undead themed was her idea alone.

(Zarao) #48

Wouldn’t take much solace in it even if they did. Usually those kind of plots rely on everyone being painted bad, in order to make the humans look good in comparison.

Anduins current status is usually dependent on having the other leaders doing worse than him. How else is he going to prove he is “wise beyond his years”? How else is he going to mark himself better than, let’s say, 10.000 Old Tyrande?

Having the writers focus on humans, would probably amount to having them portrayed as superior beings. Wait until they whitewash Daelin, or make Jaina a better strategist in Hyjal than Thrall or Tyrande.

In short, having them focusing on certain races, might probably mean theyd be doing as much harm as if they directed their effort towards others.


This feels more and more like a living nightmare with no end in sight.

(Araphant) #50

Zarao was always sympathetic to night elven characters, proof being on this thread.

But I guess its ok when Nathanos is better then Tyrande. :rofl:


(Zarao) #51

Because arguing against power fantasy levels that certain people want, and that have them downright state that an entire race would never pose a threat to their favoured one, is somehow equatable to arguing about the portrayal of the generals involved in a specific scenario.

Yep, about the same… :roll_eyes:

Ps: Kind of creepy you had to dive into a post almost a whole year old in order to try and make a point. I mean, the usual “point” that tries to pull the argument at hand into the recurrent mud flinging contest.

Edit: Anyway, reported for trolling and moving on.

(Araphant) #52

The ancient Zarao method of jumbling a bunch of words into an incoherent mess which he believes sounds smart. By the way, anyone who opens that thread can see it really wasn’t like that.

Oh, no worries, its called a good memory. It isn’t like you are suddenly allying yourself with a race you spent a year arguing against. Probably because of the looming presence of a certain…what was the name…Dahlia? over the forsaken narrative.

Seems I struck a nerve. Good, good. But highlighting your hypocrisy isn’t trolling. Now continue your fight for the freedom of night elves, Thero’shan.

Although you spent most of the year crapping on them. :rofl:


Oh you two deserve each other imho. Enjoy (Seriously).

(Araphant) #54

The gift is politely declined. But avail yourself, by all means.


Oh no, it is too good for me! After all, you said that I am worse than Zarao and are prepared to sign off on it! :rofl:

(Araphant) #56

I still am, no worries. My opinion doesn’t change according to need, as with certain individuals.

But I am sure you will tell me I am wrong, while posting from a character created solely for trolling Horde people who do not want Baine as Warchief.


Ahhh you really had me worried there for a moment. I -almost- thought you’d see your own hypocrisy at work. Nevermind.

‘tis true that Iambaine was originally created to be a meme/troll character, after I read one too many Dalaran purge/Taurajo discussions. It is also true that someone actually sane and can work with the Alliance, is needed for the Horde, as I have said many times. As for this character now? Work to prepare people for the coming of Warchief Baine and an end of pointless faction wars. And an end to Scourge 2.0.

(Tyrandé) #58

Btw based on interviews made,they will only tweak Sylvanas’ and Jaina’s storylines, and give them a bit more depth.
They also said that they will add additional voice lines/change some of the cut-scenes.
For the Night Elf campaign I think the campaign in the barrow dens will have some mods, like the interaction between the Watchers and Tyrande ( we all know how much that topic has been debated with the murderous Tyrant Tyrande :unamused:) in addition the campaign with Illidan will definitely get prolonged and features more Demon hunter mambo jumbo.

(Elyssarain) #61

I saw official concept artwork of female Demon Hunters, among other changes. That said, still has the NEs’ picture blank which is a bit concerning. Getting rather late in the cycle…I don’t want to think badly of it.

Yes yes, bad Tyrande. You killed so many ppl doing their jobs. Your reconciliation arc starts with being the first Night Warrior in X000 years.


Story been rolling downhill ever since WC3 and it goin to be much much worst in the future. Especially with blizzard transparent plotting to make raid boss out Sylvana. But tbh after nightelfs mages, everyone just stopped to care. Because obviously blizz give no F about the story.

Also Sylvana did nothing wrong. Nelfs and their humans pets had it long time coming. I hope that the big Mom will purge Alliance from the face of Azeroth even if it will cost a lot. Because when we joined the Horde our Oath was - >

“I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief’s desire. I am a weapon of my Warchief’s command.”

not - “i will follow the Horde which had saved me and my people, but only up to the point at which i will disagree with Warchief opinion”