How do you feel about tweaking WC3 story?


Let’s put it this way: the more I see Warcraft recent stories, the less I wanna see them.
Hell, I wish at this moment there would be a option in game menu to “turn off, story content”.
So the game turns in to a series of war missions, with no context.
You either play red or blue, like chess.

For me going back to Warcraft 3, to justify recent developments it’s just … Nonsense.

Warcraft 3 reforged is the testimony to Activision Blizzard inability to produce anything new and the fact they utterly failed to continue Blizzards legacy.

Remember this quote ?
“You disapoint me Garrosh.
You are not worthy of you father’s legacy.”

That’s how I feel.


I’ll admit the fact that the best they could do for their RTS genre in 9 (might be 10 with a delay) years…is a remaster…is not good. A friend pointed out to me that they were just cashing in on nostalgia and I thought that was just silly talk. But the thought nagged away at me over many months and with the state of BfA and 8.2 (Especially Nazjatar), I began to see things that way too. WC Reforged may be the last Blizz product I ever buy.

Ah well. No empire lasts forever.


“No king rules for ever my son.”