How do you win in WoW?

Ive seen many doomsayers saying WoW is goin p2w. And here i am, wondering, how do you win in this game?

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This issue arose with the world first race being so open and public, and with the introduction of the corruption system. We saw first hand, top guilds buying every bit of corrupted boe loot they could from ah, amassing debt in the hundreds of millions to the like of the gallywix community.
It was worked out that if Method was to repay their amassed debt in WoW tokens it would of cost them in the region of $40,000.
This is where the whole “p2w” thing has come from and rightfully so in my opinion.
Any other guilds wanting to push the world firsts race simply wont have the noterity that the likes of method and limit have to be able to take out a loan from the big money shark communitys. So their only option would be to buy wow tokens for said gold.
Obviously this isn’t really going to happen but it put it into the limelight just how serious this issue was/is becoming from a world first perspective.


Everyone has personal goals. The people saying p2w’s goals are to get high ranking in pvp. And the people buying bis gear have a gear advantage in most cases

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When I killed a Boar. I won then, and I got its pelt to prove it!


As said, corruption items which introduced this xpac, made many player whining, (mostly causal, non-skilled players) call out wow is “p2w”, because you could buy corruption boe items in this content.

They believe if they had the cash, with the 2-3 boes they could buy the AH, they could have faceroll m+ high keys, mythic Nyalotha and earn 3k rating in arena (which is ofc total bullcrap).

Only problen with that mentality, that BoE existed ever since vanilla, yet noone cried its “hur hur p2w”. This was the same in every xpac.

If you have fun, then you win.

Whether that’s roleplaying, mogging, collecting or working up PvP ranks, M+ or Mythic raiding is up to you. ^^

I win the game every day. In my own way.


Winning in WoW may be subjective but the whole point of “winning” in a patch/expansion is to progress your gear to do difficult content “easier” for mounts/achieves/titles.

So yes, WoW is pretty much Pay To Win at this moment in time with the boosting culture + WoW token, since many players buy WoW tokens from Blizzard to purchase boosts and/or BIS BOE’s from the AH.

Winning to me is reaching my goals. Those goals used to be “defeat the final boss of the raid on Mythic difficulty”, but now they’re most just goals most of which I can complete solo or in a group finder.


It’s a pretty cliché thing to say but the truth is that, as I’ve learned from over a decade of playing this game, the most important thing is having fun.
If you’re having fun you’re already winning.


see, it would make more sense if it was called a P2HAETISWPG (pay to have an easier time in succeeding with personal goals) but that isn’t as snappy is it? what is this thread, honestly

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I came, I saw, I conquered

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Winning is reaching a new level on an alt, completing a dungeon, or getting a gear upgrade. At least to me.

Apparently you win by buying a WoW token. As soon as you do, BiS gear with the best corruptions automagically materialize in your inventory and you’ll have outwitted and outplayed anyone who doesn’t also buy tokens.

In the extremely unlikely event that the token finances something other than gear, like say mounts or appearance unlocks, you’ll still have won as that too makes you more poweful and gives you an unfair advantage to other players.

At least, that’s what some would have us believe :no_mouth: Personally I believe “winning” is when you have fun, achieve your goals and feel content.


Winning to me is getting out of bed in the morning and deciding not to kill myself.


hahaha, well you can feel content with the fact that you have made me, and probably many others have a good laugh :))

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I win when I feel happiness and achieve something. For me that is usually when either helping my friends, making other people happy or reaching the next milestone towards 100% achievement completion. Can’t wait to reach 28k achi points and work towards 29k and then 30k and so on.


how do you win in something that is forever even if you have every single achievement in the game sooner or later another expansion will come out and thus you won’t have “won” anymore

you can never win or complete a mmo that would go against the goal of a mmo in the first place

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You can’t win in wow, gear comes and goes, wow is a game for collectors, for strategy, for achievements, for exploring and for experiences.

It’s a virtual world, so I suppose you can be winning at this game, but never win. P2W, pay to be winning.

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I think you win in this game by having fun. Which means finding a guild, making friends, playing the class/spec you want even if it’s not part of the raider io meta, playing the content you want, raid, instances, farming mounts, transmog, achievements, whatever.

Some people think you win by killing mobs with more hp than others and completing higher lvl dungeons. Personally i find that pretty irrelevant since a few months from now no one will care about that, and i doubt many people care about it now.


You win if you are having fun playing WoW.

Thats about it.