How do you win in WoW?

Im seeing doomsayers Since WoD that i started saying WOW IS DEAD.
Yet here we are still, alive well AND STRONG!

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But… you… are already (un)dead… :open_mouth:


they’ve been here forever, i remember them in Burning Crusade and i dare say before that too, the funny thing is, it’s probably the same people…:smiley:

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You win by having fun.

Win == getting stronger, and if you are able to buy the power, the game loses meaning for most of the players. Just like we got flat earth believers, so are here player who have different meaning for win, but for most it is getting stronger and showing their power.

For the p2w crowd… I suck at this game. I want to be good. Where do i pay to get good?

Will a belt and the ring from ah make me play good?

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While I definitely see the problems existing when both a token and BoEs exist, and defiantly putting corruptions on those BoEs was a mistake.

You could make the same argument for the top guild being able to faction change for a advantage in the world’s first race when method made the switch

It was still RL cash paid out to gain a advantage.

But you see we also need to acknowledge, were those top guilds buying the token to pay for these items, no. They were benefitting off the back of gold made via raid boosting

And the money paid to these boosters I’m sure a % was built off the back off the token but also during WoD and Legion you could reach the gold cap via the mission table alone.

Most of us are still using our WoD / Legion gold xD it’s just the ones who don’t pay enough attention to these things that have had to buy gold for boosts.

The reason it’s such a problem now is because they nerfed those mission boards and the BFA ones just don’t match up meaning gold farming now actively has to be done so players are feeling the disparity of gold totals between players alot more present.

What you say makes sense, but I would say it is the corrupted (oops sorry mistype) erm, corruptions that made it so necessary. When the corruptions do a large % of the damage needed, then you can see why players would want them.

Add to this that there was no real way to work towards the corruptions wanted/needed because of the RNG and yes I guess it becomes easier to just buy what you need.

I just hope that they never use such a system again :slight_smile:

short answer:

You win by doing literally anything within the game.

If i didnt break my ‘I win’ button in alterac valley years ago I couldve told you…

The same way you win in any other game: By defeating your opponent.

If your argument is “But you haven’t won the whole game dangit” - well, no? But you also haven’t become world champion in Chess because you won a game of chess.

Imagine if someone came up to you and said that it’s okay to load yourself up on performance enhancing drugs for a football game because winning the game wouldn’t make you UEFA world champion anyway.

It’s a stupid argument. WoW is pay2win because of the WoW token, and it has to be dealt with. Not that I think it will be…

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One fix would be to make it redeemable for gametime only. As it stands you can buy any digital Blizzard product or service with balance.

No, that doesn’t solve anything lol

Decouple gold and real world money. Ban those who break that rule.

Real simple.

And before anyone tries to defend it based on the fact that it happened in the past: Past failure does not excuse future failure. Fix it.

I think it does. People multibox like crazy because right now they can get everything without handing out any real money.

If people couldn’t pay their sub with gold you’d see a huge amount quit this game.

You will still be able to buy gold using real money. That’s the problem. I don’t care where it comes from - it is irrelevant.

At the moment we can buy a max of 20 tokens per week from Blizz… thats where the issue lies. They need to make restrictions.

20 tokens times a guild of Method’s size = effectively infinite tokens.

Also, buying 230k gold so you don’t have to worry about consumables for months also helps you win. It is a mild form of p2w, but it is p2w.

No. gold. for. real. money.

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Well the token fixed a lot for Blizz financially - so no I don’t think it will go away. So restricting it is the next best thing.

I don’t care if it fixes something for Blizzard financially. Blizzard is fine financially anyway.

At least we’re getting to the point now where you admit that what they’re doing is not right. Progress!

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Nah I am okay with it, but I don’t think balance should be used for anything other than gametime.

As for token buyers from Blizz there should be restrictions - 20 a week is way too many.