How do you win in WoW?

I don’t see how it makes any difference what the balance is used for.

MAYBE you could convince me that selling gold to an NPC in exchange for gametime would be okay.

Delete all characters, uninstall and play the only game actualy worth playing: classic wow

Tell me how you “win” with buying 2-3 boe…

Only thing u forget there, that method and similar guilds also have what most of your super casual players dont… skill.

Or you telling me that if a casual buy 2-3 boe with bis corruptions (this content example), will faceroll high m+ keys and mythic nyalotha? Or reach rank 1 in rated arena?

Until either of these not happening, WoW is way too far from p2w…

Same way how Flash won Stacraft multiplayer :slight_smile:

I can tell you from experience that gear, including 3x corruptions, makes mythic bosses A LOT easier. Like we can drop half our healers now.

If corruptions can increase your DPS by 40-50%, and they absolutely can, then equipping then can indeed make you faceroll mythic bosses you couldn’t beat at all otherwise.

So yeah, I’m not exactly telling you that just buying 2-3 BiS corruptions will make you faceroll everything, but it will make everything a heckuvalot easier. And doing that with real money is definitely pay2win.

And are you telling me that I’m a casual no-skill scrub while not being able to defeat Hivemind or Shad’har? I know I’m not the most amazing player ever, but you can go and get bent m8 :slight_smile:

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Didnt say you were a non-skilled casual.

But BoE-s in the game ever since the game launched, some of them very good, some of them very bad. Same in every xpac.

Strangely noone cried ever about wow is p2w. People only started crying because corruption is a full garbo system, most people aggre to that.

As if it was the first time,if we are talking about world first.I remember back in WoD for Highmaul guilds used server transfers to snipe BMAH for Containers for loot since it had a chance to drop higher mythic chest loot.Cause of said exploit a CD to transfers was established.I believe a russian guild had the most ilvl and loot by said method,in the end it did them no good cause Method and Paragon beat them,i think there was also a huge debate who broke most the rules and should be disquilified back then.
It’s just a nounce what p2w exactly is for some people.

At the start you could buy wow tokens for the purpose of buying extremely powerful item level 475 corrupted items.

These items when paired together had the capacity of solo-killing players in PvP.

A single corruption was able to increase your dps in PvP by between 500% to 1000%, effectively killing your opponent before your opener is finished.

I have said WoW is p2w since the token was added.

But this tier had by far the strongest BoE’s since the token was added.

It highlights an issue where a strong economy with cool tradeable items and the WoW token can’t coexist.

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This insanity gone over the top in BFA seeing all these people whining about how bad m+ is and how braindead mythic raiding is while… They never step foot inside a M+ and they failed to complete even LFR.

Human being evolve, adapt, overcome.
Whining in the forums because game is not as it used to be is the exactly opposite :joy:

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Winning in WoW is basically a Player goal realistically, not a actual Fact.

  • Some Players “win” when they’ve gotten every achievement in the game
  • Others deem their win via 100% Collections on Mounts/Transmogs/Pets
  • Some Players “win” When they’ve completed every Raid on its hardest difficulty
  • Some players “Win” when they reach 3000 RiO
  • Some base their win on BiS Optimization.
  • Some “Win” when they’ve completed all Solo Content in the game

theres no Specific “Win”. MMORPGS are built on the concept of you classify your own End goal and Once you have reached that you feel the good of the achievement in completing what you as a Player set to do.

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play Horde

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You unlock the ‘Salty’ title.

No one cares if you’ve raided mythic, the only true measure of success is whether you have found the magical crawdad.

I may be drunk.


If you top the dps/healing meter in your party you win*. As simple as that.

*This statement was not meant to be taken seriously. Do your mechanics and don’t pad the meters, kids.

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… Hic!

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For most of the competitive playerbase, “winning” is being the strongest they can be.

Except corruptions, especially at the start of the patch, amped it up an incredible amount. There were cases of DHs, Rogues etc using intellect weapons and other classes using armour that was not of their armour proficiency, and this was done because corruptions were absurdly more important than any stat on your gear. Obviously, corruptions were incredibly RNG restricted (I’ve still never seen a GW and EV3 natively drop 5 months into the patch).

Reason WoW never used to be P2W was Blizzard outlawed gold-buying, any purchases made through 3rd-party goldsellers was against TOS and could see you banned. As soon as WoW tokens became a thing, Blizzard greenlighted gold buying and WoW became P2W. Corruptions just make it more obvious and more egregiously so.

As much as I hate what WoW tokens incentivise Blizzard to do (RNG gear, but you can bypass the RNG by purchasing AH items with WoW-token gold, removal of 5m Brutosaur to capitalise on FOMO etc.), looking at the state of Classic WoW and the disgustingly rampant gold farming makes it obvious why WoW tokens need to stay. If you thought it was bad when primal-farming goldsellers stole your elemental in SMV or on the Nagrand plateau? That would not even match the degree of what it would be today; you’d start getting kicked from groups so your spot could be sold, you’d never have a chance to mine/herb/fish/skin anything because goldsellers would be flying everywhere and exhaust the node/mobs, you’d never be able to find groups as run-selling would be ramped up to 11 because it would suddenly become a lot more “worth it” for 3rd party sellers.

I do wonder if Fallout 76 is p2w.

With the same logic, you wouldn’t win anything if Blizzard put mythic level gear in the store to buy with real cash.

for me it’s setting a certain goal for Rio score and getting Cutting Edge for every raid tier of the expansion (which I achieved last week on monday :D:D)

I mean, yeah it is. But then again it doesn’t hurt the average player. It doesn’t affect me at all for example that someone has 475 ilvl because he bought boosts. I can still enjoy and play the game like i want to. In other games where there’s p2w you might have advantage over them, but in pve in wow, i don’t think it matters much. People still can’t buy world first kills and such, or buy mechanic cheats, they still need to learn and do it themselves if lets say they would join a raiding guild. And honestly i’m happy when there’s more higher geared people because it makes the average content a bit easier for everyone. But yeah especially now at the end of the expansion i really don’t care. But as i said even in new content, it doesn’t affect me personally at all