How does your character view the dracthyr?

All answers valid, scaled folk or not.

This lady views them warily as yet another magically gifted, long lived rival to mankind that’s demonstrably easily manipulated in their ignorance for good or ill.


He finds them stubborn and alien, though the ones he has met have so far proven to be loyal, or at least useful allies. Still, their thinking and prioritization eludes him at times, leading him to believe they are carried almost entirely by their whims.

He also distrusts their shapeshifting, being of a strong belief that to change one’s very form can only be motivated by malicious scheming. (Not counting combat-oriented shapeshifting as the druids practice.)


They’re weird experiments made by Deathwing the Destroyer that claim to be free of his madness.

Well, Shadow’ll keep his eyes on them, not trusting a word out of their mouths. They already have an evil army of dracthyr flying around, who’s to know the rest aren’t infiltrators?

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Kuwei is always happy to find a Dracthyr on her dissecting table, though she’s so far only had the pleasure with already cold ones to crack open.


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My Forsaken and my Nightborne both view them as interesting due to the few similarities they share, such as seeking a purpose for their kin beyond what was decreed initially, or missing out on a great portion of the worlds history and needing some time to come to grips with it all.

On the flipside, my goblin distrusts them immensely. To her, they’re “creations / lackeys of the dragon that forced them to abandon Bilgewater Port”, and them not remembering much of their past just screams sleeper agent to her ears, too.

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You are a very small draconid.

I wish to harness the power they wield, understand it, pick it apart and master it.

Blondie could’nt care less about them.
They look odd, and when in their humanoid form she has trouble to differentiate them from Blood Elves.

She gets mostly annoyed about their disciplinary and ambitious outlook on life, while in contrast she’s very nihilistic and chaotic.

A bit weird at first, but she’s already got friends and allies in aliens and elves. So these guys were in super-stasis from before many races even started to walk… alright, why would they lie?

She has concerns about their rigid adherance to duty and order. Not because she thinks they should be rebellious, but because some she has spoken to have behaved as if they do not deserve to be seen as anything but living breathing weaponry. This troubles her, indeed.
Those she guides as part of the Venturers, she hopes, will see the value in themselves as people.

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Mortifria quite likes them, but I sense she might be biased. :thinking:


‘‘New friends!’’

*by the way this is not the character in question but I’d rather not post on different characters as this is the me in the forums

Something to mrgl at.
Just like Alliance and Horde.
None shall be spared.

Such MAGNIFICENT scales! They wouldn’t mind if somebody decided to borrow one, would they? Or two? Maybe ten…

They do provide interest for the mad scientists dilligent researchers of Azeroth however. Are they resistent to traditional means of medical treatment? Do they require different needs being potentially cold-blooded allies compared to every other (living) race? Were they created with the ability to reproduce, or are they limited to Deathwing’s creation methods only - and if the latter, does every member of the Alliance, Horde, or otherwise need to keep the dracthyr from harm?

Only one way to find out! :hocho:
(Or maybe asking questions to render dissection unnecessary)

He eyes them with a semblance of caution. He recognises that they can be potentially dangerous given that they supposedly wield abilities from all five Dragonflights and were essentially made to be supersoldiers, yet he’s prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. Those who have met Des and know him a little better know that he’s had some dealings with dragons himself, and thus he’s a little less worried about them than he was about death knights and demon hunters.

Not enough bobbas on the female ones.

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They are viewed by Lochton as;

Curious creatures of ease to be exploited but also able-handed fonts of more uncommon knowledge. They are (by lore) a creature in which Free Will is still quite new, even though they have lived longer than most of us, so many are eager to spread their wings and find their schedule of development to obtain future skillsets.

Compatible with high tolerance labour such as heavy lifting, elemental restricted tasks, and general physical labour but they can in a majority of the times be considered more uncoordinated with more fragile subjects, and will have a need to practice such.

The Dracthyr, by research folders, have been a formidable investment in military strength to the point that there were a worry of them having too much Free Will, thus having to be constricted before they were becoming a further issue - now a gift that the Horde and Alliance harvests the fruits from.

If one is decommissioned in the field, one should not prevent themselves from taking samples of their claws, horns, and scales - either for research, or potential sale.

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A science lesson for you!
Mammals are called mammals because of the “mammary gland”, a connective tissue typically found on the chest - as you put it, the “bobba”. These are the defining characteristics of the mammalian class of animals, which is everything from dogs to cats to monkeys to humans like us!

Reptillian animals do not possess these, they typically regulate their temperature through outside means, nor do they lay eggs which a majority of mammals also do not do. These include reptiles such as our draconic allies.

Therefore - there are no ‘bobbas’ on the female sexed dracthyr. You have now been educated!


This is the internet, and I’ve seen dragons with bobbas.

I want Dracthyr with bobbas, alright.

I have a Dragonmaw Orc who absolutely cannot stand them, and finds the idea that they’re part of the Horde, and that he should be “trusting” them is absurd and offensive.

The ones in the Horde he can’t legally touch, but he will take any opportunity to bring the half-lizard freaks down. Ptooey.

Dragons are for killing and for eating.


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