How many have or will obtain “Jîgglesworth Sr“ today?

As the title say!

Happy farming today. May you all glide around on the slime cat soon :relaxed:

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It’s on my today’s to do list
I have 2/3 jello cat, survived Senctum, wich is a hellhole… Sepulcher can’t be worse than that

Bout to do a normal clear and have done jailer and rygelon on heroic already in a pug so just gonna finish up normal and get slimey butt today.

Will finish the rest of hc with guild. Normal is really easy rn it feels nowhere close to normal non fated.

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It will be fine. I did experience that both CN and SOD was easier then Sepulcher. But I think it mostly was due to bad pug players that didn’t know even one tact in Sepulcher. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gl and have fun! :slight_smile: yea I agree most tact can be ignored and we healers can heal thru almost everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, it’s a flying mount?

No unfortunately. Bad translation from Swedish :stuck_out_tongue: we will run around!

Ah, I see, too bad.

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Our guild raid is tomorow so probably then


Group fell apart at lord’s of dread so I still have 3 bosses to kill.


Ohh :hushed: my group did also fell apart on Lords of the dread, but I did stay and grabbed some new fellas and killed the last three bosses.

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haven’t bought enough tokens to pay for boost in raids since i cba learning tactics in raids with no lore or interesting characters attached to them.

Done this morning :v:


You dont even need a boost, normal is a face roll. Watch a tl;dr version of the bosses and you got it

No thanks, I want to know and contribute as little as possible when it comes to the shadowlands raids.

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guild raid <3

Sucks you’ll miss out on a mount then.

Maybe… the only thing I can do about it is to buy tokens and pay for boost. It’s how Blizzard wants us to play this game anyway.

I would if I could, but the game is not letting me enter right now, I can only select exit game when some sort of “social contract” pops up. So seems I’m not allowed to play the game at the moment.

I missed the first week, guess next reset :slight_smile:

Normal is actually easier then LFR. You don’t have to know many tacs.

Congrats :champagne: I did also complete mine this morning.

Let’s go <3

You are soon there :slight_smile: gg!

This isn’t true. Just join a pug and get it done, cost= zero euro! It is only time that you need to have!

Either we accept to follow their rules or we don’t get to play. Why don’t you want to sign a contract that you already signed when installed the game?


I’m gonna have to call bull on that. It’s super achievable without spending a single gold coin on a boost, you’re just not in it to learn bare basics of a raid and that’s nobodies fault except yours.